Why Maction Technology rearview mirror camera system is priced higher?
There are many factors in pricing. mirror camera is developed and sold by many enterprises. Such enterprises are different especially when technology capability is considered. Technology is a key factor in pricing. Significant investment is made into R&D every year, to develop new products and modify current products. mirror camera is a key product to us. Its design, production, quality are all controlled in a strict way. Also, all-round services are offered to support this business.

Maction is now a world-renowned brand specializing in the production of car radar detector. The dashboard camera series is widely praised by customers. Combining the state-of-the-art production equipment and the advanced production method, Maction car radar is given the finest workmanship in the industry. In addition to record street routes, it can also record the driving speed. Maction has high commercial value due to its practicability. The product helps drivers protect themselves from false accusations in road incidents.

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