why dashcams are growing in popularity

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College student Alex Jang opened his dashboard camera store online, and consumers were initially skeptical about the device\'s use.
\"It\'s hard for us,\" said Zhang Chengze, founder of Blackboxmycar . \". com.
\"I think we are the first high.
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Through so many questions
Why do you need it, it\'s just another big brother scam, is the government trying to keep an eye on us?
\"Now, Jangsays says sales of cameras are active and are becoming more and more popular as more drivers seek this equipment to provide them with video evidence of claims for accident insurance.
\"It gives you ammunition.
It\'s like a silent witness, \"said Steve Key, a spokesman for the Canadian insurance agency.
Did dashcam save the man from the Hamilton parking lot crash scam? Trucker in Hwy. 11 near-
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The benefits of Ca readers tout dashcamthe device also serve as a valuable tool to help police track drivers who may have left the scene of the accident.
On February, a video of a dashboard camera near the head
In an accident in which two tractor trailers collided in the north of Lei Wan, police seized the driver who allegedly drove away.
Recently, a Hamilton man was reported who thought dashcam might have saved him from an insurance scam.
\"I want to say about some people try to protect themselves on the road.
When the vehicle is parked, others want to be protected from any accidents, \"said Zhang.
Small cameras that can be installed on the windshield can be positioned to record the interior of the vehicle, or can be pointed forward to capture anything that happens in front of the car.
The number of hours it records depends on the size of the SD card and the car doesn\'t need to run to get the unit to work.
The price of the camera can range from $50 to $400, and more expensive cameras include GPS functions, as well as recording the speed of the vehicle.
UrsulaLebana, owner\'s Toronto
Based in the Spytech store, she said she has been selling dashboard cameras to car owners who are concerned about vandalism for a long time.
\"We have some small ones that you can hide in a tissue box and put on the dashboard,\" she said . \".
\"Now, more obviously, these cars are becoming more and more popular because people want to photograph where they are driving, sometimes to prove that they are not speeding ,[or]
If there\'s an accident
Lebana said that ameteor exploded in Russia\'s Western Siberian sky last year with some dashboard camera records, and her sales actually rose sharply.
\"You can capture all sorts of weird things on the camera,\" she said . \".
Dashboard cameras have been popular for years in countries such as South Korea, China and Russia, where drivers install these devices to record potential accidents, but also to record the behavior of corrupt officials.
Zhang says he has about five percentage points in sales to the United States. S.
Customers are those who feel the need to protect themselves from the police.
But not all cameras are for protection.
People always like to use them on entertainment so they can record them first --
Melanie lapso, a technical expert at the source, said they were driving from a personal perspective.
\"In that time, we recorded everything we do in our daily lives.
\"So this is an extension to this,\" Raposo said . \".
\"You can\'t use a smartphone in the car.
But this gives you a way to capture what happens when you drive.
\"So far, the Canadian Automobile Association has been neutral about the device, saying it is a bit gray in terms of positives and negatives.
On the positive side, photographers provide more information for insurance purposes, giving insurance companies \"real data that they can use to make the right decisions about claims,\" CAA spokesperson Christine d.
It may also curb reckless driving, she said, because drivers will now know that their driving behavior is being recorded.
\"Sometimes you think twice because it\'s too close to the car in front of you. . .
If you happen to hit them, there\'s a camera now saying it\'s your fault.
\"There are concerns, however, that this device may be distracting when driving.
\"If it\'s just sitting there, it\'s just recording, you don\'t have to touch it, that\'s fine,\" D\'Arbelles said . \".
\"If you suddenly have to fiddle with it while driving and moving it . . . . . . Then this becomes a problem because it could be an extra distraction behind the steering wheel and could actually cause rather than try to stop the accident.
Steve Kee, a spokesman for the Canadian insurance agency, said the device would be IBM\'s focus, but could not be supported until more research was conducted.
But he encouraged drivers who installed dashcamtocall to call their insurance representative.
\"Maybe they will find a way to give you some little rest.
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