Use the SleuthGear iTrail GPS Logger To Track

by:Maction     2020-08-25
The SleuthGear iTrail is an easy-to-use, passive GPS logger. Simply place the unit in your car, child's pack, or virtually in that thing to monitor! At only 1.5'x1.5' small, the logger records location, speed and time, and displays these records on an easy-to-use interface powered by Google Maps and Google Earth. The iTrail will record up to 120 hours of data and is water-resistant, allowing it in order to mounted outside inside elements. When not in use, an on-board motion sensor puts the unit to 'sleep' to store battery power. In addition, it features LED status lights to indicate when the unit is powered on, tracking, when the battery is low, and when the memory is full. To retrieve the recorded information, simply connect the boss bv9990 player to your computer via the included USB/charging cable, and download the information to a detailed printable report for view in Google Maps or Google Earth. Here are the various frequently asked questions in about the Sleuthgear iTrail: Q: How does someone install the iTrail GPS logger and connect it to my PC? A: Use the included USB cable to plug the iTrail GPS logger into your p . c .. Insert the CD into your computer, click to run and install the java and driver program. After installing the driver, continue installing the iTrail PC software. To that it was installed successfully, go to Control Panel> System> Hardware> Device Manager and there ought to 'GPS Logger USB Com Port(COMxx)' under 'Ports' (COM&LPT). Q: Is the iTrail GPS logger compatible with Apple computers? A: The device driver and software currently only support Windows 2000/XP Home/Pro/Vista and Windows 2011 energy tax credits. Q: I am having trouble getting my iTrail GPS logger to download data, it definitely seems to be stuck on the download screen. What is the quick repair to do this? A: Yes. Check out website to read the Solution-Download-Data-issue troubleshooting kit. There is also a complete Uninstall guide for the iTrail software, if that's needed. Q: How do i activate my iTrail GPS logger? A: The iTrail must be activated upon its first use. To activate, click 'Help' on menu bar and select 'Activate iTrail.' Person is then inspired to enter the Software and Activation Keys (this information is actually on the box). Once entered, the iTrail will be activated and ready for use. Q: How might i see the trip using Google Planet? A: After the track data is downloaded, click the Google Earth button in the main menu. You are able to be able to view the trip personal data. Q: Is the iTrail waterproof? A: The iTrail GPS logger is manufactured to be 'outdoor waterproof,' performs this it is towards normal rain and moisture conditions right outside. However, the product cannot be submerged in water. Q: How long can I use the iTrail GPS logger on a single battery charge? A: The battery will depend upon the tracking interval of the product. Please refer to the chart below to estimate it life for your iTrail GPS logger: Interval iTrail GPS Logger 1-5 seconds Around 15 hours 6-10 seconds Around 30 hours 11-15 seconds Around 60 hours 16-30 seconds Around 80 hours Note: Data may vary with different environments. Q: Ways to adjust the time on the iTrail GPS logger? A: Period on your iTrail GPS logger is automatically set by GPS satellites when a GPS fix is acquired. This ensures that the time is always correct on your private device. Q: Will the time record change if I cross proper into a different time zone? A: With regards to time relating to your iTrail GPS logger is automatically set by the GPS satellites that it connected to, if you cross another time zone the iTrail GPS logger will automatically adjust thus. Q: How to know once the iTrail GPS Logger memory is full, or it has run out? A: Once the memory is full, the red LED indicator blinks every 3 seconds. Once the battery is low, the red LED indicator blinks every 5 seconds. Q: Do i need to change the car battery of the iTrail GPS logger? A: Number. Unfortunately, in order to make the same iTrail water-resistant, the iTrail GPS logger is manufactured in a tightly-sealed housing which does not allow for that battery to be removed or replaced. Q: Exactly why is there no response as i press the iTrail GPS logger button in the software? A: Book the power status of the device. If the iTrail GPS logger is low on power, the button will be locked. Q: Simply how much data can the iTrail GPS logger store? A: Machine will record up to 120 hours of any data. Note: Data may vary with different environments. Q: Teach young people cause the iTrail GPS Logger to be experiencing difficulty acquiring my locale? A: An apparent sky is required for a successful GPS fix, especially an individual have initialize, or 'cold start,' the iTrail GPS logger. If moment has come surrounded by high buildings, inside a tunnel, or in an environment with strong RF interference it may difficult for any iTrail GPS logger for the satellite policy. I hope the about this top-selling device has answered any questions you have. Remember: when a situation arises that might be happening, ease your mind with a very good hidden camera, or the iTrail GPS Logger. Be aware of the UNSEEN!!!
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