uber driver tells of near miss with canberra light rail vehicle that ran red light

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A Canberra Uber driver, who was forced to brake in order to avoid his car being hit by a light rail vehicle running a red light, said he was \"feeling unsafe\" after the nearby miss \".
On Saturday, Haval jandoun was heading towards the crossroads of Randwick and Fleming Road, and the green light showed he could move on.
A few seconds later, he saw a light rail car heading north with no signs of parking.
At 8: 30 a. m. the dashboard camera footage recorded from Mr. jadoun\'s car showed that he suddenly stopped and the light rail vehicle crossed the intersection in front of him.
The car was less than a few metres from his car.
The Canberra Metro confirmed on Wednesday that the driver had \"crossed\" a red T-
The lights on Fleming Road have stopped.
\"A review of the CCTV video of the vehicle confirmed that the driver\'s error was the cause of the accident,\" said a Canberra Metro spokesman . \".
\"The safety of the public and our staff is the highest priority of the Canberra Metro and we regret that this founding principle of the Canberra light rail project has not been maintained.
\"Compliance with road rules is key to keeping light rail safe, which applies to ourselves as well as other road users.
\"Mr. jadoun said he was angry when he realized how close he was to a serious collision.
Mr. jadoun said: \"I was approaching at the green light at the intersection, and when I got there, I suddenly saw a tram coming towards the gungreen on Fleming Road.
\"I could have crashed with that tram, but I focused on my driving and I was really alert.
\"The Canberra light rail service is not yet available, but the test has been going on for a few weeks and vehicles are seen traveling through the route of Northbourne Avenue from gungreen to the city.
Within an hour of Mr. jadoun\'s proximity
In the crash, a man walking in the city center was hit by a light rail vehicle when he did not see a red pedestrian signal in front of him.
The pedestrian, who was injured in his arm and in stable condition, was taken to Canberra Hospital.
Canberra Transport said they were investigating the two incidents, but did not comment on the video from jadoun.
The Canberra Metro says safety remains a \"fundamental element\" of the light rail project as it continues to be tested before its launch in April.
\"Now, as we are about to launch the first phase of the Canberra light rail service, the safety of our workers, operators and the public remains our highest priority,\" the spokesman said.
Safety facilities were installed at intersections and intersections, the spokesman said.
She urged Canberrans to mention the \"are your Railways ready\" campaign.
Jia Doon said that he was particularly careful to drive after the incident.
\"Look around you . . . . . . Because the tram is currently being tested, they are learning.
Canberra transport is taking his concerns seriously, he said.
\"I hope they will investigate and give me positive feedback on this issue,\" he said . \".
\"After that, I was very scared --
I\'m very close. having]
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