three ..5 Inch Rearview Mirror GPS Navigation Cautions

by:Maction     2020-06-08
1. Pleas assure that locate the position an individual startup the car ,you have to know presently there will be 4 satellites reception and the monitor status will change to blue from grey. Never get current satellite position and check the receiving situation on the GPS monitor when the vehicle is running as the longitude and latitud vary and it's hard to locate position. Besides,please keep caused by mountain,high building etc. may block off the positing, while receiving satellites. 2. As for the process of this product in the aircraft, please consult the aviation company first of. Special care should be taken when an electronics device is engaged during a voyage. 3. Never get closer to a place emitting intensive radio waves or radiation which could affect the operation of this product. 4. Never make the navigator fall down or clash with stiff objects to protect it against any damage in appearance,battery loose,data lose or other hardware mutilation. 5. Never let there have been expose to the humid environment or rain as being the water leaked into could disable it to the extent beyond reparation. 6. Never switch in this product in the dusty environment. 7. Over-voltage,power cale strain, bending or squeezing by heavy objects is against the rules to avoid overheating or fire trouble. 8. Never deploy any chemical or detergent to solve the navigator stay away from erlsion of the surface or paintwork. 9. In order to eliminate hte risk of electric shock, do not play with the cable power plug with wet hands and do plunge it in the socket completely. 10. Never charge the battery in a neither extreme cold nor hot place,which could damage battery. 11. Keep this product which is working out of the reach of children. 12. Never say under the warm temperature to aoid the problem of over-heat to this product, which could trigger fault or financial risk. 13. Put this product on an even workbench instead of blanket, pillow or carpet which could build up the high temperature to a level so high to generate forth damage. 14. When virtually any fault comes into being, please along with qualified maintenance personnel for service compared to disassemble it at your own discretion. 15. Keep all of the wires in neat order to prevent damage-fostering tangling. 16. Never suppress the LCD screen violently. Please wipe the screen surface clean with soft cloth. 17. Never block the power directly in the mode of navigation,music, video and image browse, which could data transfer useage. 18. When the unit is reading data from or writing date into the memory card, never take out the actual directly which might the information kept in the memory card corrupted or lost or even crash the system. 19. In particles formatting ,upload or download, never disconnect the power supply abruptly. Otherwise,it might lead to a prblem of application error. 20. Pay focus the compatibility of multimedia files and the product can only bet additional numbers back the files in the stipulated formats. 21. All television programs, muisc, movies and images they are under the protection of copyright. Unauthorized usage is deemed as an infringement to the laws of copyright laws. 22.For the sake of data safety,please back up info on the SDMMC card into the computer on a regular basis. 23. Do not adjust the wide variety of speaker to maximum for a number of years. Otherwise, it will cause audio distortion. 24. The pictures presented in this manual are just reference. 25. TMC function is an option for the rearview mirror gps, can now fully supported TMC (Traffic Message Channel, traffic information channel) is a digital coding system. TMC traffic can provide to report the accident site and time results, information including some to the scope of the traffic conditions. TMC will map navigation on the road in front in the accuracy of the forecasts. Provide GPS radio stations inside of the differential correction data, greatly improving the precision of GPS route. The provision of transport problems and also the severity of detailed information of the affected location , regional , or portion of affected locations; direction and scope that affected sections or similar position, and also the direction of traffic;duration , sixty expected duration; diversion proposal, the driver has to obtain the proposed route for that election. 26. TMC selection function whether it is undoubtedly a need to understand the local GPS data load wave FM broadcasting services,if much less can not use the fuction normally. 27. Please confirm whether the map has TMC function included or not while you select TMC.If not you may not use this function normally. 28. Power supply cautions: when you install the rearview mirror gps, never connect the car battery +12V to the GND line simply because will damage this product.Sometime maybe the product is not damaged and just changing the fuse is ok. For some buses,trucks,and some of only using the best cars the battery is +24V for this product. OR it can be damaged.You muar dins 24V to 12V DC-DC convrter and change the +24V to+12V for our GPS rearview mirrors. The automobile power source system is complicated, so never install the GPS rearview mirrors by who you are.You are suggested to find a profesional engineer to install the product. 29. In certain countries peple prohibit the installation of product on an automobile's windshield. Those which known as of your release date of this product are listed below; however, please make sure that you are in compliance in your own state's nost recent law before installing ghis product.
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