This $349 dash cam is pricey, but its 24-hour HD video coverage, theft-prevention alarm, and dual cameras make it worth the cost

by:Maction     2019-10-18
If you own a car, you should do everything you can to protect it.
But even if you are the safest driver on the road, accidents are not always avoidable, unfortunately --
And it\'s expensive to fix.
In addition to having car insurance (which every driver should have), the next best thing you can do to protect yourself and ride is to install a dashboard camera.
The premise of the dash camera is simple.
You installed a camera on the dashboard to record 24/7 in case of an accident.
It\'s a smart way to keep yourself away from reckless drivers, even those who make honest mistakes. But a not-so-
Smart devices with granular video, bad audio and limited storage space can easily prove to be more headaches than additional security measures.
This is the role we have to play.
Designed to work with all cars outside of Tesla in 1996 or the newer model year, the Tez smart dash camera plugs into the OBDII interface of your car.
The difference between it and most other dashboard cameras is that it has two HD cameras (one road-
Facing and other internal
For), its LTE connection for video storage and integrated smartphone applications.
These features solve the problem of shooting illegible lenses and the ongoing need to clean up the storage space of the SD card.
In addition, it provides the level of safety and vehicle monitoring that most dashboard cameras are completely lacking.
The first step to setting up the camera is to download the owl car camera app on theor.
It is worth noting that you need an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11 or Android with Oreo or Pie OS.
The brand has tested models that include the driver\'s worst nightmare, but it is wrong to be wrongly blamed (well, maybe the worst nightmare ).
In theory, all dashboard cameras are designed to capture the lens you need as evidence of an insurance company or police, but they can be inconvenient to use and often unreliable.
It\'s important to keep making sure that they are actually on and take shots with enough storage, which makes it easy for many dashboard cameras to become useless when they are most needed.
But it was never a problem.
Just plug in, both HDs cameras are recording and it is automatically saved to the Owlcam app due to the device\'s use of the LTE service.
In addition to road safety, thecan can also be used for entertainment on the road.
If you see something cool on the road, like a rare supercar, or you and your passengers decide to do a car karaoke, simply say \"OK Presto \", start recording a clip from any camera that will be sent directly to you --
There is no need to go into the app to retrieve it.
What really differs from most other dashboard cameras on the market is that it has many features when you are not in the car and on the road.
While it doesn\'t keep video records continuously as your car does when it\'s on (in order not to run out of your car\'s battery), Owlcam prompts to save the video if it affects or breaks-in is detected.
If your car stops and someone hits it, you\'ll be notified immediately of the possible impact and it will start sending videos to the app before the impact.
If your car stops and there is no interruption, then this video will not be actively saved.
Also, they did a very good job of stopping thieves.
If the green flashing light is not enough to send out the will
When thieves think twice before they break into your vehicle, they are greeted by two bright LED floodlights to let them know that they are visible and on the camera.
Once you are told the rest time
In, you can use live video streaming and two-
Audio features, see what they\'re doing and yell at them until they run away.
While there is no need for me to deal with car thieves, I can confirm that this feature works well.
Pair with your smartphone via Bluetooth to detect your input.
Since I installed this device in my mom\'s car, I get a notification when my phone gets into her car, if I know someone else should not drive, this will be even more shocking.
I tried it twice.
Audio with her and it works fine.
It\'s been a few months since I first received thereview, which is a good addition to the car.
In addition to uninstalling it to test and review other products that require OBDII plug-ins
Yes, my mother uses it every day.
Thankfully I have never had an accident, but when I was driving I installed Owlcam and I felt safer.
Priced at $349, not the most affordable dash camera, but it\'s well worth it --
Especially if you drive like my mom.
Knowing that your car is better protected at all times, you will be at ease --
Whether you are on the road or not.
And, if it saves you from being accused of an accident that isn\'t your fault, or getting your car stolen or stolen, then the price tag is more than ten times.
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