the most affordable ambarella a7la70 dashcam dome gs98c

by:Maction     2019-11-01
You are looking for a dash cam but not sure which model is the best for you.
Someone might suggest you buy a normal dashboard camera with only 1080 p.
This dashboard camera is not enough for you.
The Dash camera ushered in an era of 1296 p in 2015.
Here I would like to introduce an affordable 1296 p Dashcam: DOME g98 c.
The chipset and sensors made of high quality hardware by the DOME g98 c include Ambarella A7LA70 CPU, 5MP sensor and good lens.
As we all know, Ambarella A7LA70 is high-
High-end chipset for Dash camera industry.
Ambarella\'s chipset makes G98C more power-saving core and 5Mp sense the highest video resolution of 1296 P for g98câ x80 x99 s G98C clearer eye-high video resolution (2304*1296p)
30 frames per second.
You can also choose 1080 P (1920*1080P)
Up to 60 frames per second.
Higher frame rates allow for smoother video.
This will capture more details that may come in handy if an accident occurs.
There is also a 2560x1080 p wide screen mode (21:9)
, Give your video more movie feel, this resolution shows more things on the left and right.
Actually, this is a very useful resolution for the dash cam.
Video quality is very good during the day or at night.
HDR function of G98 c (
High Dynamic Range)
Great night vision that allows to capture almost all the necessary details.
The wide angle lens g98 c has a considerable viewing angle of 178 and is wider to capture more details.
GPS and no GPS allow you to record your exact location and speed and incorporate it into the video feed along with the date and timestamp.
There are two versions of G98 c, one with GPS and the other without GPS.
G98 c has been built-
In the GPS module, this is an exciting improvement compared to other cameras with external GPS modules.
Parking mode means Camera (
Continuous power supply)
Even if your car stops, keep recording videos.
If any impact is detected, it will not only save the lens directly after the impact, but also save the lens about 4 seconds ago.
If someone hits your car and drives away, you\'ll have evidence of a hit-and-run.
Blackview g98 c in addition to the usual dashboard cam features such as loop recording, auto on/off, and date/timestamp, there are some less common features such as lane departure warning systemsLDWS)
Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS).
Of course, you can turn off any feature you don\'t want or need.
For example, LDWS may be useful for long-distance drivers who frequently change lanes.
Price suggested retail price: $125, very competitive compared to other 1296 p dash cameras.
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