The Hyundai Santa Fe Truly Versatile As It Gets

by:Maction     2020-05-29
Whether you're heading for that hills, business office or the red carpet, there's no better companion than the Hyundai Santa Fe. From its dynamic performance and superior styling to the exceptional comfort and abundant space, you'd want to spend much more on the in your oh so versatile Santa Fe, come rain, shine, hail or snow. From your office to your kitchen, you organise your parking space to have quick and straightforward access to everything have to have. Why should your vehicle be any dissimilar? The Hyundai Santa Fe's elegant interior has been meticulously in order to place every feature at your fingertips allowing for you to focus driving on the road ahead. For added comfort, perform look forward to ten approaches to adjust the driver's seat to conform to the body type. Another driver-centric feature is a security power window which automatically will stop closing and reverse direction should it detect any obstruction a good arm, hand or also a finger in the path. The Santa Fe is also fitted having a camera from the rear and a 3.5' LCD monitor built into the rearview mirror, can easily display images of any obstacles behind the motor car. And there's no such thing as too many extras. The Santa Fe is evidence of that. For top-end entertainment, it outstanding 6-disc CD changer built in the dash, auxiliary, MP3 and USB ports to plug in your devices and also audio handheld control on the steering move. It furthermore requires just the touch of the button to lock and unlock the doors and boot from a distance you have to or stop the vehicle's engine. The Santa Fe also features a handy cooler unit for your beverages and fully automatic air conditioning for occupant comfort. And safety? It's taken good by an array of advanced features including airbags, crumple zones, ABS, ESP, downhill brake control rrncluding a rollover sensor. The Santa Fe series comprises of two full-spec 4WD models, a spacious 5-seater and in many cases roomier 7-seater. Both are driven by a dynamic 2.2L diesel engine that pumps out 145kW of power at 3800rpm and 436Nm at 1800rpm, while boasting class competitive average fuel consumption figures of just 2.3L/100km. The SUV's responsive 6-speed automatic transmission in return allows for smooth gear changes. The Santa Fe possesses price tag reaching just beyond R400k - significantly less than one would expect, considering how much you get hold of.
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