the best cheap phones for 2019

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The best cheap phone you can get right now is one plus 6 t.
It features sophisticated modern design, AMOLED screens, smooth performance and a sturdy camera, keeping pace with the flagship, which costs twice as much.
If $500 is still a bit expensive for you, don\'t worry because we have a lot of cheaper alternatives.
With more than 50 years of combined experience in the mobile team, and hundreds of reviews of our names, you can trust Digital Trends, pass rigorous testing and take every phone we recommend
We use these phones as day-to-day drivers and discuss in detail their strengths and weaknesses to ensure that we pick the best phones in each category with confidence.
Why should you buy this best $500 Phone: OnePlus 6 looks like a large screen packed into a part of a stylish body that has enough processing power and has a powerful doublelens camera.
For Whom: anyone who wants a flagship smartphone
The Android experience in stock is lower than Google Pixel 3.
Why do we choose OnePlus 6 t: While the starting price of $550 means that this is by far the most expensive OnePlus smartphone, you will have a hard time --
Press to find more powerful options at comparable prices.
OnePlus 6 t cut the notch into dew on the front-
Facing the camera, scrape the bezel down and wrap a large display into a compact body.
The fingerprint sensor is on the display and has a powerful dual
Lens camera on the back.
Combination of 16-
Pixel lens and 20-
The Megapixel lens provides a powerful scatter effect for blurry shooting backgrounds, and the Portrait mode is designed to take full advantage of this effect.
Including optical image stabilization and f/1.
7 holes realize low level
Light performance.
OnePlus 6 t can also shoot slowly-
Sports video, there\'s a 16-Millions of pixels ago
Detailed selfie facing the camera.
OnePlus 6 t has Qualcomm\'s 2018 flagship processor, Snapdragon 845.
This is the same chip for Samsung Galaxy S9, Sony XZ3 and Google Pixel 3
A phone that costs more than $700
It even provides more memory.
You can choose 6 gb of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, as well as 8 gb of RAM and 128 GB or 256 GB of storage, although 8 gb of RAM is quite large.
However, since OnePlus 6 t does not have a MicroSD card slot, it is worth paying extra for more internal memory. The 6. 41-
Inch full-Optical AMOLED screen with 2340x1080-
Pixel resolution, looks great and will impress most people.
You can also get Bluetooth 5, which provides a faster connection and range.
There is also AptX HD Bluetooth for the best wireless audio performance, which is also because OnePlus cuts off the traditional 3.
5mm audio jack for 6 t.
One plus proprietary fast-
Dash Charge charging technology provides you with a full day of battery life in just 30 minutes.
When it comes to batteries, OnePlus 6 t has a capacity of 3,700 mAh and can be charged via USBC port.
One of the biggest attractions of One plus 6 t is its smooth and easy-to-use user experience.
The OxygenOS operating system is located on top of Android 9 Pie, and the user interface is not far away from the Android experience on Google Pixel phones.
OnePlus adds several handy features including reading mode, clever adaptive contrast for outdoor viewing screens, slides
In the shortcut and information page called Shelf, and double-click gestures such as wake-up screen.
OnePlus 6 t available at atT-
Mobile devices, so you can check out the store yourself.
This is the first time OnePlus phones are listed in the United States. S. carrier.
If you buy through oneplus\'s website, it will also run on AT&T and Verizon.
Disadvantages include the lack of waterproof IP rating for mobile phones, the lack of wireless charging support, and the camera is not the strongest.
But for just $550, you can be the same as the Galaxy S9, if not better --
No gimmicks.
It\'s an amazing good value and you won\'t regret buying a phone no matter what your budget is.
Our full one plus 6 T reviews why you should buy this best $400 phone: Google Pixel 3a offers many of the same features as Google\'s flagship at a lower price.
Who is it for: Anyone with a budget of $400, just want the best phone they can get at this price.
Why do we choose Google Pixel 3a: Google Pixel 3a for $400, an impressive package.
Inside there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor with plenty of 4 gb RAM.
It won\'t be high-
But it\'s fast enough to run challenging games with high quality graphics.
You also got an excellent 5. 6-
Inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2220x1080 pixels.
It is sharp and the contrast is amazing and you can\'t find anything better at this price.
The camera is perhaps the biggest attraction.
Pixel 3a package single lens 12. 2-
Pixel camera with same. I.
Features you will find in Pixel 3.
Google\'s flagship product is our photo phone champion, because it can take wonderful photos in a variety of environments.
Pixel 3a may not have the same raw processing power and also lack the Pixel Visual core, so image processing is a bit slower than pixel 3, but this is still the best camera you can find near this price. The front-
The rated power facing the camera is 8 pixels.
Of course, Google\'s Pixel 3a is the latest version of Android, which guarantees a quick update and a stable security patch.
You can also enjoy super smart features like Now Playing, which can recognize music played nearby, and can also filter incoming spam calls through the call screen.
Active Edge allows you to squeeze pixel 3a to start Google Assistant.
Pixel 3a contains 64 gb of storage and offers free, unlimited, high-quality photo storage with Google Photos in the cloud.
It has an audio jack, Bluetooth 5.
0 supports and comes with a fast charger to recover 7 hours of battery power in just 15 minutes.
Google Pay also has NFC support, dual front-end-
Facing stereo speakers with fingerprint sensors on the back.
This phone really raises your expectations of $400.
If you prefer a larger screen and your budget will increase, consider the pixel 3a XL for $480.
Our all-Google Pixel 3a reviews why you should buy this best $300 phone: the Moto G7 looks a lot more expensive than it is now and has no weaknesses.
For Whom: anyone who wants a big screen fashion budget phone.
Why do we choose Moto G7: Moto G series is our first choice
In the past few years, Motorola has faced more competition every year, but the Moto G7 is still worth the money.
Really good-
Appearance phone with curved glass structure, metal body and tear gap carved from screen.
A lot of screen real estate is a clear attraction for this phone, with Moto G7 owning 6. 2-
2270x1080 monitor
Pixel resolution.
Looking under the hood, you\'ll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor with 4 gb of RAM inside, which makes it a real improvement in performance over last year\'s sluggish Moto G6.
Motorola has added some gesture shortcuts and apps such as Moto voice based on Android 9. 0 Pie.
Moto G7 also has double
Lens camera, paired 12-
Million pixel lens with f/1.
8 holes, 5 holes
A million-pixel secondary lens for depth.
In good condition with plenty of light, it can capture some lovely photos, and Portrait mode is perfect for friends and family with blurred background. The front-
The rated power facing the camera is 8 pixels.
There are some minor issues with our software and we would prefer this to be available as an Android One phone.
We are not sure about the possibility of a Moto G7 software update and think you might get better software support from HMD Global.
It is frustrating that Moto G7 does not have NFC support in the US. S.
If you have a tight budget of $300, then the Moto G7 will now give you the most money.
It offers a huge display, powerful performance, and a decent camera wrapped in a stylish body.
Our full Moto G7 reviewed the best $200 phone why you should buy it: Moto G7 Play has excellent performance and endurance.
To whom it is: anyone with a strict budget of $200 is looking for the best for their money.
Why do we choose Moto G7 games: when top-of-the-
The remote phone is $1,000 and it must be rubbish to buy one for $200, right? Wrong.
You can now get some impressive equipment within this price range.
Motorola has always launched cost-effective devices.
You can get five points for $200. 7-
1512x720 screen
The pixel resolution, the fast Snapdragon 632 processor with 2 gb ram and the 3,000 mAh battery provide impressive endurance.
And a 13-
Megapixel main camera, not too bad unless there is not enough light, and an 8-Millions of pixels agofacing camera.
Performance is a highlight, almost matching the more expensive Moto g7.
And a USB-
Charge the C port, which means the cable is always correct.
It is equipped with Android 9.
Some of the extras from 0 pie and Motorola will get an update for Android Q, though we suspect it will get anything else than that.
Of course, there are compromises here.
Although it has a MicroSD card slot, there is only 32 gb of storage.
It also has a plastic back, a large gap, and NFC is not supported.
Still, it\'s a great option if your budget doesn\'t expand any more.
Our full Moto G7 Play reviews the best $100 phone why should you buy it: Moto G7 Play is ultra-
Affordable and a satisfying smartphone experience.
For Whom: those who want a phone that can text, call, browse web pages and run social media apps without paying more than $150.
Why do we choose Moto Play: Moto E5 Play is the most affordable phone offered by Motorola, which means you have to accept some compromise.
For example, the phone will not be updated to the upcoming Android version, nor will the camera be powerful.
Snapdragon 425
Or 427 depending on the operator)
2 gb ram does a great job of delivering manageable performance-
Enough to browse apps like Instagram and Facebook without too many problems.
There is 16 gb of storage on board, but the MicroSD card slot allows you to add more if you need it.
Headphone jack and fingerprint sensor on the back (
Although some operators do not have models for fingerprint sensors).
Without a lot of bloat software running Android 8, the software experience is very close to the Android stock. 0 Oreo.
There was a 2,800 removable battery inside and we found it used for about a whole day.
It is easy to use and can be extended to two days.
Moto E5 Play is available via Verizon, T-
Mobile and Sprint-
Although you can\'t buy it without unlocking it.
As low as $70 (
If you sign up for a new service, the prices are even lower for other carriers).
Our full Moto Play reviews the best cheap iPhone, why should you buy it: it\'s relatively affordable for the iPhone, it\'s a lot of specs with the 2017 iPhone X
For Whom: anyone who wants an iPhone but has limited cash.
Why do we choose iPhone 8: This is the best option
Looking for Apple fans who set their hearts on the iPhone.
While this is the most expensive phone on this list, it is still our first choice because you should buy an iPhone if you have a budget.
It has many of the same features as the iPhone X, but has adopted older, more familiar designs.
If you feel that a modern smartphone is too big, or you don\'t care about the border --
The trend or facial ID of the IPhone 8 will decrease, which will be perfect for you.
It has the same A11 Bionic processor as X and 8 Plus, supported by 2 gb RAM.
It doesn\'t sound impressive on paper, but in terms of the real situation
It is faster than many more expensive mobile phones.
There\'s a great 12-
With a sharp, clear, natural megapixel master camera
Looking for photos and supporting Live Photos.
There\'s a solid 7-Millions of pixels agofacing camera.
Sadly, there is no support for the portrait model.
But you can also get Touch ID, Siri, and NFC on Apple Pay. The 4. 7-
The inch screen is clear and clear, and the iOS platform is easy to use, giving you access to an excellent slick app and game library.
The battery is rated at only 1,821, but generally lasts at least one day, and wireless charging is supported.
You can also charge the iPhone quickly, but this is correct only if you turn on the cable and adapter.
There is 64 gb of basic storage in it, which is enough for most people.
The IPhone 8 also has ip67-
Rating, which means you don\'t need to worry if you dunk.
Potential disadvantages?
There is no headphone jack here, only 3.
There are 5mm to Lightning adapters in the box.
Our full iPhone 8 reviews the cheapest Samsung Galaxy phone, why should you buy it: Taste the Samsung style without ruining the bank.
For Whom: anyone who is fixed on Samsung Galaxy, but with a limited budget.
Why do we choose the Samsung Galaxy A50: If you are A fan of Samsung phones, but your budget will not extend to the Galaxy S10 Plus or even the Galaxy S10e, then the Samsung Series A can give you.
The Galaxy A50 has impressive specifications in terms of price.
There is a Samsung Exynos 9610 processor with 4 gb of memory.
You can also find 64 gb of storage and expansion space through your MicroSD card.
There is also a more expensive version with 6 gb of RAM and 128 GB of storage.
The plastic back of this phone has a nice gradient finish, so there is no fingerprint sensor because it is on the display. The large, 6. 4-
Inch AMOLED screen with 2,340x1,080-
Pixel resolution.
It covers almost entirely the front of the phone and can hold 25-in addition to the thin border at the bottom and the tear gap at the top-Millions of pixels agofacing camera.
When it comes to cameras, you get three.
Shot shooter here with 25-
8-pixel main lensSuper pixelwide-
Angle lens and 5-
Pixel depth sensor.
This is an impressive multi-function camera kit for mid-range phones.
There is also a large battery with a rated power of 4,000 mAh and a quick charging kit of 15 w in the box.
What is clearly missing is just support for NFC, which means there is no Samsung payment.
Cheapest battery
Why should you buy this: this is an affordable phone with excellent performance and unparalleled battery life.
To whom: anyone who wants the phone to last longer between two charges.
Why do we choose the Moto G7 power supply: If endurance is the most important in your feature list, then there is no better budget phone than the Moto G7 power supply.
The 5,000 mAh battery for this phone has surpassed all the other smartphones we tested in streaming video testing, being able to continuously stream video from YouTube for 13 hours and 59 minutes at maximum brightness.
This phone can be charged within two days and may take longer depending on how you use it.
With the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 processor on the inside, you can find it in the normal Moto G7, which has 3 gb of RAM and 32 gb of storage.
Moto G7 Power offers excellent performance at this price and in fact you won\'t find a better one.
Somewhere the tradeoff is inevitable and with the power of the Moto G7 you may not like the bulky plastic body or the gap 6. 2-
Only 1,570x720 inch display
Pixel resolution.
This phone runs Android 9.
There are some extras from Motorola at the top. There’s a 12-
The Megapixel camera does a pretty good job with plenty of light, but the portrait mode is far from perfect and simply can\'t cope with an underlit environment. The 8-Millions of pixels ago
The camera is perfect for selfies or video calls.
G7 Power also supports Motorola\'s turbo Power charging standard and uses the kit in the box to charge at 15 w, which can charge the battery from zero to 58% in an hour.
If what you want is battery life, here\'s the phone for you.
The full Moto G7 Power reviewHow we tested was crazy about our phones under the digital trend.
Every phone we test is used for at least a week as our primary device, usually longer, so that we can really feel what life will look like.
We read on it, play games on it, take videos and photos, navigate, organize, and even call occasionally.
Every aspect is explored, every manufacturer\'s claim is challenged, and when the judgment time comes, we will carefully consider the expected audience and price tag.
The best mobile phone debates in different categories are frequent, and no one on the mobile team is ashamed to share their views.
When we find the flaw, we say it.
In the end, we will never recommend any of our phones that we do not like to use.
Where do I buy a cheap mobile phone?
You can always find bargains at online retailers, but be careful to do your research and order the models you need.
In particular, check if the model you purchased supports the band operated by your carrier.
Major carriers sometimes do good promotions, but if you find your favorite phone in the store, do a quick search online to see if you can find it at a lower price is worth it
You often find cheaper options for MVNOs (
Mobile virtual network operator)
We have a list of the best MVNOs.
Who has a cheap phone plan?
There are a lot of different phone plans, so take the time to do some research before choosing a plan.
We have the best phone plan to help you get started.
If you go and do a family plan, then you can usually get good deals on extra lines.
Before deciding on the operator, consider the coverage of your area.
How to buy cheap new mobile phone?
The most obvious way to bargain is to buy a second one. hand.
If this is attractive to you, then we have a guide on how to buy a used smartphone that you would like to read.
You can also consider online retailers, just make sure you check the phone model you purchased and support the band that your carrier operates.
Should you buy a cheap phone or wait for last year\'s flagship to get cheaper?
The recent price of the flagship has been climbing, but if you are willing to wait for the flagship phone a year or two ago, then you can buy it cheaper.
Almost all Android phone manufacturers offer discounts on old flagship, which will get deeper and deeper as phones age.
On the other hand, the overall quality of economic mobile phones has been greatly improved in recent years, and the development of mobile phone design is very rapid, so today\'s mid-range devices are likely to match the two-year time.
The performance of the old flagship, may have a more modern design.
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