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by:Maction     2020-09-05
Casio camera in India is one of several leading brands in innovating imaging concept. The casio exilim camera working with a wide involving the perfect amalgamation of technology and elegance. The EX-H20G is targeted at low quality casio exilim digital camera fitted having an unique hybrid-gps system. The exilim camera, single frame SR and 10X optical zoom, 24mm wide-angle nicely 14.1mp high-resolution makes photography truly enjoyable and noteworthy. In the exilim card range models like EX-S200EO, EX-S200BK, EX-S200PK, EX-S200SR and EX-S200BE possess a resolution of 14.1mp, 4X or 6X single frame optical SR zoom and 720p HD video the unmatched quality. Other features of casio digital camera like few of.7 inch LCD, e-Greetings with dynamic photo, face detection and YouTube capture mode make it convenient to seize vital views. The EX-S8SR, EX-S8BK, EX-S8PE, EX-S8PK, EX-S8BE, EX-S6PK, EX-S6BK, EX-S6BE and EX-S6SR have a 12.1mp resolution and features like easy mode and finest shot processes. The EX-S7BK and EX-S7PE come with exilim 5 engine, 13.1mp CCD, high density viewing mode and 720p HD video formats. EX-S5PK and EX-S5SR are cameras to match your style. These are slim and advanced cameras along with YouTube capture mode and iTunes compatible video hard drive format. 10.1mp CCD for high-resolution imaging, a 2.7 inch wide screen and funky colours like pink and silver make them hot picks. EX-S12SR, EX-S12BK and EX-S12GN are ultra-thin, state-of-the art dslr cameras featuring dynamic photo and greatest shot mode. 12.1mp CCD, a 2.7-inch wide screen in a thin body alongside choice of silver, grayscale green colour is you can buy. The exilim zoom range features just.7 Inch LCD, 3X/4X/6X optical zoom, easy mode and one-button video. Models like EX-Z16PK, EX-Z16BK, EX-Z16RD and EX-Z16SR have 16.1mp resolutions while EX-Z800SR, EX-Z800BK, EX-Z800VP, EX-Z800PK, EX-Z800BE and EX-Z800YW cameras have 14.1mp file sizes. EX-H5RD, EX-H5BK and EX-H5SR have 12.1mp resolutions with a 10X ultra-wide zoom lens for more clarity. The EX-Z35BE, EX-Z35PK, EX-Z35SR EX-Z35PE and EX-Z35BK have fifteen.1mp with a 3X zoom and different features like red eye reduction straightforward mode. The EX-H15, EX-Z2000RD, EX-Z2000PK, EX-Z2000VT, EX-Z2000SR, EX-Z2000BK, EX-Z550PK, EX-Z550BE, EX-Z550BK, EX-Z550RD, EX-Z550SR, EX-H10, EX-Z280SR, EX-Z33BE, EX-Z29PE and EX-Z77PK become the other models in this series. All the cameras have a long battery lifespan to let capture for long. The quick casio digital cameras have burst up to 40fps and video upto 1000fps. 10mp high resolutions, ultra wide zoom lens, back illuminated CMOS, a compressed body; night scene mode and top speed anti-shake all of them perfect for capturing friends and family at play. EX-FH100BK, EX-FH25, EX-FC150BK, EX-FC150RD, EX-FC100WE and EX-FH20 are the models effortlessly this regarding Casio digital slr cameras. The Exilim G series boasts of cameras are usually water and shock information. 12.1mp resolution, 3x Optical Zoom, 16:9 wide movie format and best shot modes are characteristics of the EX-G1BK and EX-G1RD. So go to acquire casio camcorder for a contented clicking.
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