Peoria Kia Sportage Dealers Keep Customers Coming Back

by:Maction     2020-06-01
Kia Motors America wrapped up 2010 with a bang reporting the company's best ever full year of sales. The momentum is carrying over to 2011 with the automaker achieving a 25% increase in sales this January to the next of last year. The steady growth in sales that Kia is experiencing may only be just beginning as the automaker will introduce new models and technologies for the 2011 model year. And with vehicles like the 2011 Kia Sportage, it seems likely that Kia is exactly getting started. The 2011 SUV get to your Peoria Kia Sportage dealer with an enhanced exterior that has resonated well with consumers. Kia's signature grille is slip on the front of the Sportage which create an aggressive stance which is highlighted by the short, sculpted hood. The narrow, swept back headlights are integrated with LED daytime running lights. The Sportage's tall profile features a raked roofline that contributes to the sporty appearance. The standard 16-inch alloy wheels which your Peoria tires professionals will upgrade to 18-inch alloy wheels for the EX trim. The Sportage's tall roofline makes for a spacious interior with plenty of headroom and legroom. The leather wrapped steering wheel and aluminum-like accents create a luxurious interior that isn't expected by the Sportage's price tag. The driver oriented instrument panel features large gauges which are really simple to read and reflect the car's exterior sporty release. The SUV is available at your Peoria Kia Sportage dealer with a tad screen navigation system, keyless entry with smart key, a backup warning sensor and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. With the focus on detail Kia paid to the Sportage's exterior and interior, the automaker didn't forget about power or safety properties. The Sportage comes standard with a secondly.4-liter four cylinder engine that is paired along with six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Vehicle delivers a healthy 176 horsepower which is an upgrade by reviewing the derivative yet manages to achieve better fuel efficiency than last year's model. Safety equipment is also not lacking the actual planet Sportage which comes standard with a large cornucopia of advanced technologies. Along with four wheel antilock brakes, electronic stability control and a traction control system, your Peoria tires professionals will also install a tire pressure monitoring system as standard offers. Another reason Illinois residents continue to go to their Peoria Kia Sportage dealer is the affordable price tag on the Car. Starting at just $18,295, the Sportage is often a bargain in for good business of the concept of. Offering attractive styling inside and out, a formidable performance and a slew of safety features, the Sportage is sure to satisfy.
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