make basic infrared thermal imaging camera for cheap ! convert any camera into infrared thermal camera

by:Maction     2019-10-22
How to convert any camera to an infrared thermal camera is very cheap but useful hack.
The infrared I can be seen by each camera sensor. e.
The thermal part of the light, but the infrared blocking filter inside the digital camera protects the CCD sensor from the burning of high-energy infrared rays such as sunlight.
Now, if we remove the blocked infrared filter, the camera can also see the infrared part of the spectrum!
It\'s cool because after this hack you can see hot objects and when they send out more infrared energy, your camera will glow more & many other black objects you can do, lift the disassembly to a new level!
Even the cheapest Seek Camera is $200 compared to this DIY, which can be done with any cheap HD Camera!
Look for what the hot camera does not have.
Now you can see through the object and know the temperature just like Fujifilm X of a professional camera
T1 & Sony Xray camera or Seek, Flir thermal imaging camera, very cheap price!
Watch the full video here the digital camera has a CCD sensor, it can see the infrared spectrum of the light, but because the long-term exposure to the infrared will cause permanent damage to the sensor, in order to solve this problem, we used an infrared blocking filter.
If we remove the infrared filter from the lens, it is possible to see the infrared beauty! 1)
In the first picture you can see the normal image and the infrared image
In the second image, different effects are achieved using different nm lens filters.
So in theory, you can use any camera for hacking, such as your Dslr, mobile camera, or (10$)
Dashcam as I used it, remember that the camera is cheaper and your work will be easier★☆★Buy parts from local online stores★☆★1)
Dash Cam turn on your camera.
Remove the CCD sensor by disconnecting the flexible cable 3.
Separate lens mechanism from sensor 4.
Now you have successfully separated the lens from the CCD sensor 5.
Enter the lens section and remove the collision lens.
You will see the red below.
Red blocking filter 7
Remove this infrared filter with a screwdriver.
Now insert the collision lens again in its position.
Here are a few things that look interesting under this infrared thermal camera! 1.
A usb lighter that displays heat more sensitively than a normal camera.
The Moto E showing the normal led3.
Displays the Moto E that flashes close to the sensor 4.
You can see the board in Logitech Harmony hub 5.
Heat the soldering iron, but do not see the heat in the normal camera.
You can see the hot part of the soldering iron.
You can clearly see the number of the electronic ic or component.
This may help if you have a lot of untagged component boxes.
Check the part number in very crowded space 10.
Normal green laser pointer11.
The normal green laser indicator also randomly emits infrared light.
You can easily see the RFID tag. Below are some sample images of the infrared thermal camera.
Heat the soldering iron 2.
Focus on the eyes of infinity3.
The eyes are focused at a very close distance.
A Usb lighter glows.
Watch the circuit through the harmonious noise.
Chip and coil inside RFID tags7.
Easy to see part number.
It\'s $200 cheaper than the cheapest thermal camera, and I built this camera for only $10 and 2.
You can record a 1080 p video, which is not possible to record any hot camera on the market so far! 3.
Take high-resolution pictures 4.
If you want a Simliar RGB hot camera, you can use the hot camera Android app here
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