Levels of Analysis in 2012 Security Products And

by:Maction     2020-06-18
According to the centre on digital, network, high-definition, intelligence and integration, we can roughly infer that the future security products and its technology trends. So, brief article tries to analyze the 2012 security products and technology trends through three parts: video surveillance, alarm system and biometrics. Video Surveillance As the flagship within the security industry, video surveillance camera is the most desired. Its most fundamental purpose is in order to good monitoring. Respond to different monitoring conditions, the security manufacturers develop a range of surveillance cameras, such as infrared cameras, illumination cameras, network camera, and so on. Digital Mirror Clock Spy Camera High-definition as the hottest topic to a little more widely promoted in 2011. At the CPSE, we can see the well-known security companies including Sony, Samsung, Hikvision and Dahua show their HD security products and correspondent solutions to audiences. Favorable security industry trend make us believe that HD products will continue popular in next year. Such as mini hd spy camera been recently released. It look for a balance between pinhole camera and USB disk. Now, your big picture, the mainstream application from the HD products remain concentrated in the government, banks together with other high-end market and also the civilian market isn't universal. In addition to high definition, intelligentize has been became a sensitive topic. At the stage, the intelligent security has been developed to maturity. It is used in many fields- flow detection statistics, perimeter guard, vehicle identification and video quality testing. In 2012, with the growth of the HD product application groups, think that intelligentize HD security products include the main product diets. To fulfill hd monitor product of intelligence analysis, boost video monitoring system used in more fields. In specific products, watch hd camera will has greater scope in their look and functionality. Fashion . is that the hidden strong and affordable. It is the first wristwatch with full HD 1080P digital function, camera function and PC camera. The critical thing are wristewatch design and waterproof function. Burglar Alarm As an important part of the security industry, anti-theft alarm does not have much development in the last few years. The traditional security burglar alarm products still dominate the marketplace mainstream. Recent burglar alarm products include bidirectional alarm and network alarm. And network alarm host may point the future security alarm development directions. Traditional burglar alarm products have been committed to resolve key issues for false alarms and missed alarms, and network alarm is strictly to provide a reply ideas. The real purpose of network alarm is link up to the network of alarm center, obtain real-time alarm host working condition, so as to find out the detection, network and alarm is intergrated. Dual network alarm system is ADEMCO compatibilty alarm system. It supports PSTN and GSM network to give the alarm particulars. Besides, it also sends the SMS to several cell phones when alarm happens. Simens industrial GSM model makes it more stable signal obtain. Biometrics The most fundamental technical requirements of biometric access control is embodied in recognition accuracy and operation convenience. The main biological recognition technology used for access control are fingerprint identification, face recognition and iris identification.The most key in the mainstream market are fingerprint and face interest. And fingerprint security recognition products occupied biggest market share because of its low price as well as simple to operate together with other factors. The face recognition products take second place. The expense of Iris recognition products is expensive, it's accuracy is compared to other products, thus it apply in high-end market. From the CPSE, iris recognition has made great progress in recognition rate and identification distance in recent years. While it is subject to high price, the market trend will in order to fingerprint and face recognition. Biometrics market products trends is still given priority to fingerprint identification and face recognition. From: http://www.tradingmic.com/blog/the-three-levels-of-analysis-in-2012-security-products-and-technology-trends/
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