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What kind of smartphone can you buy for Rs?
6,999 two years ago, the answer was a quasi-system package with an entrance.
Hardware Level and software level.
With the arrival of several wells, this situation changes quickly
Launch a comprehensive mobile phone at an affordable price.
Now there are several big brands and small brands competing for this \"value \"--for-
Infinix is one of the money.
For quite some time, Infinix has been trying to achieve results in the budget section, and the company\'s latest product, Infinix Smart 3 Plus, may be an attractive option for buyers. Priced at Rs.
6,999, the phone offers three rear cameras and an attractive design, plus some software tricks to try to exceed its weight.
On paper, Infinix Smart 3 Plus seems to be a very cost-effective phone, but it can wow users with its performance, and stole some limelight from Xiaomi and other popular brands? Let\'s take a look at the Infinix Smart Plus 3 Plus review.
At first glance, Infinix Smart 3 Plus may be mistaken for a more advanced phone.
Infinix has replaced a smooth body with a layer of transparent plastic on the back plate, trying to mimic the reflection of the glass.
The edges are round to provide comfort
But we found the phone a bit too slippery.
We were a little relieved to see the company not buying this cheap spray
These days are popular with painted gradient finishes, choosing a lower-key appearance.
However, there is no type of protective material on the smooth rear panel.
It is also easy to attract fingerprints and dust particles.
Infinix Smart 3 Plus has a smooth surface on the rear panel and is easily adopted by smudgedThe Infinix Smart 3 Plus with midnight black, Mocha Brown and Sapphire cyan color options, which we really like, because it is very unique.
This phone is very similar to the recently launched Tecno Camon i4 (Review)
If it is not because of the fingerprint sensor of different shapes and the respective company logo, it is difficult to distinguish one.
At this stage, it may be worth noting that Tecno and Infinix have the same parent company Transsion Holdings.
The power button has a dotted line texture and is comfortable on the right-
Right below the volume rocker-
They all provide good tactile feedback.
There is a SIM slot on the left for two Nano\'s
SIM card and microSD card up to 256 GB are used at the same time.
The top is blank and the bottom is filled with the speaker 3.
5mm headphone jack, microphone and MicroUSB port.
The small headphones are squeezed between the frame and the water drop gap.
Despite choosing a notch, the Infinix Smart 3 Plus has a relatively thick baffle.
Infinix is bundled with a unique protective sleeve that is translucent white with a pattern depicting the contours of various objects.
The retail box contains the phone itself, protective case, 5 v/1.
Mini 2A charger
USB cable, SIM pop-up tool and some paperwork.
Infinix Smart 3 Plus packs a 6. 21-inch HD+ (720x1520 pixels)In-
Cell Display for 19.
5: 9 500 nits of aspect ratio and peak brightness.
The pixel density is 269ppi, while the screen-to-
The body ratio is 88%.
Read mode and eye care mode are available in the software.
The phone is powered by the MediaTek Helio A22 processor with a clock frequency of 2 GHz.
We saw Helio A22 before we entered the country.
I4 such as Canon mobile phone Tecno (Review)
Honor 8 S, honor Y5 2019 and Redmi 6A (Review)Give a few examples.
There is only one configuration with 2 gb of RAM and 32 gb of storage, which can be extended to up to 256 GB.
Connection options include Wi-Fi 802.
11 B/g/n Bluetooth 5, a 3.
5mm audio jack, FM radio and micro radio
On-board sensors include accelerometer, proximity sensor, optical sensor and compass.
And a rear-
Fingerprint sensors and face recognition are installed for security purposes.
As for the software, Infinix Smart 3 Plus runs a custom XOS 5.
Based on the 0 skin of Android 9 Pie, our review unit has a security patch for April.
There is no app drawer button, but sliding up opens the app drawer.
The phone comes with a lot of pre-installed apps including Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Car Care, danger dashboard and Flipkart.
In addition to the usual Google app suite, there are a few more
Home app called XTheme, XShare and XClub.
This version of XOS has some nice features like bike mode, WhatsApp mode and smart panel etc.
When WhatsApp mode is enabled, it will limit data access to all applications running in the background except WhatsApp, which may help when user data is insufficient but still wants to receive messages.
The smart panel can be accessed by swiping on the horizontal bar on the right edge of the screen, which is a collection of apps and tools that you may use frequently.
It is customizable and can be populated with the app of your choice.
There is then a smart arrangement function to sort and rearrange the app icons into folders.
The XTheme app provides wallpaper and fonts for UI customization.
The smart broadcast feature can be activated to listen to notifications, weather updates, live news headlines, and online content extracted from pre-installed PHX browsers.
This app sends a ton of notifications and we have to disable its notification permissions to stop seeing them.
You can also choose to activate the audio broadcast feature by double-clicking the lock screen. The 6. 21-
Inch HD display provides a good perspective, but for navigation, it is quite reflective and users can choose between the classic three monitors
Button Android layout and a \"hybrid navigation\" option, it just shows a slender pill that acts as the Home button to open the app switcher with a back button on the side.
And a third gesture.
You can also select the \"based on\" option, which hides the navigation button and instead lets you slide up in the same position.
Before we detail the performance and camera quality of Infinix Smart 3 plus, let\'s talk about the monitor first. The 6. 21-
The inch HD panel is in bright colors and we don\'t have any problems watching the above.
The angle of view is very good, and the sunshine is easy.
The screen is very reflective and it is difficult to see the content in the dark background in the sun.
There is an adaptive brightness mode for automatic brightness adjustment.
\"Inadvertent mode\" prevents the phone from registering unexpected touch inputs through \"squeeze in the pocket or fabric slip\" and although we have not found it particularly useful, it does work as expected.
You have the option to block gaps for specific applications if you wish.
Reading mode reduces the brightness of the display and makes it red for a more comfortable reading experience.
When it comes to general performance, we find that 2 gb of RAM is not enough if you have more
There are a lot of tasks, a lot of applications are installed on the phone, lag and stuttering is inevitable.
We found that mobile phones generally handle app switching, but as long as several heavy apps or games are put into use, mobile phones are beginning to struggle.
In this case, it takes up a second even if the keyboard is called, which is very frustrating.
The fingerprint sensor works fine, but face recognition is a bit slow, it takes a second to unlock the phone even in good conditionlit conditions.
We tried to play a few games on the phone, but the Infinix Smart 3 Plus didn\'t perform very well.
While light games like Angry Birds play well, more intense games like Asphalt 9: Legends, will lag behind even in the lowest settings
PUBG Mobile refuses to pass the load screen after pressing the start button to start the match.
All in all, Infinix Smart 3 Plus is only for general use if you are a heavyweight multi
Tasker or gamer, this is not the right phone for you.
When it comes to synthetic benchmarks, Infinix Smart 3 Plus refuses to run Geekbench and suddenly stops several times while running AnTuTu.
We ended up with 62,003 points in Antu, which is very weak.
Manhattan of gfxboro month. 1 and T-
The Rex test returns 21fps and 8.
2fps respectively.
In the 3d mark slingshot we recorded 456 while the 3d mark Ice Storm Extreme returned 5,703.
The three rear camera settings on the Infinix Smart 3 Plus include a low light sensor. The Infinix Smart 3 Plus is packed with three rear cameras.
In addition to standard cameras and depth sensors, this phone has a lowlight sensor.
It is said to help capture the bright low
Like a mobile phone, light shooting has a lot of details trying to achieve the same goal with low details
Light or night mode in their app.
The main rear camera has 13-
Megapixel sensor and f/1.
8 aperture and by 2-
Pixel depth sensor.
Camera features on this phone include PDAF, AI scene detection, AR Stickers, portrait mode, and ai hdr.
On the front of the Smart 3 Plus is an 8-
Million pixel camera with f/2.
0 aperture and AI enhancement.
The camera app is very basic and has nothing but image sizing, grid lines, and watermark options in settings.
At the bottom of the screen there are Modes marked as video Cam, AI Cam, beauty, Bokeh and AR Shot, while HDR, flash and scene modes switch continuously at the top.
It is very surprising that there is no Pro mode or Panorama mode.
The beauty model is also basic. there are only six levels of artificial intelligence.
Electric beautification, no specific control such as eye expansion, facial thinning.
When it comes to camera performance, daylight photos usually get good, especially with close shotsup shots.
The color looks natural and captures the gradient with a lot of surface detail.
Infinix Smart 3 Plus is very fast in locking focus and also performs well in edge detection.
However, if the object in the focus has a rich color and is located in a contrasting background, some marginal bleeding is obvious.
As for regular daylight shooting, the Infinix Smart 3 Plus is proven to be a powerful phone, given the price. Long-
Shooting in the shooting range has a good dynamic range, but there is some ambiguity in the elements outside the screen.
Thankfully, HDR does not exaggerate the color and does not render natural tones.
We were a little disappointed with how Infinix Smart 3 plus\'s camera handles the sun.
Photos taken in harsh daylight seem to have been washed off and muted.
We are satisfied with the color outline and depth of the background blur effect in the shooting, but the phone occasionally blurs the edges of the objects that need to be focused.
Photos taken indoors are just plain, with rough texture and low saturation.
The smart 3 Plus has a dedicated low
The light sensor, which can recognize more details in case of insufficient light, but there is a lot of noise and texture in the background of the lens, and a lot of ambiguity in the periphery of the frame.
We noticed that when using low
Optical sensor, ISO for shooting is lifted and details are lost.
Then there is a dedicated low
The light sensor is lower than none.
Optical Photography mode or function, which is the standard for mobile phones in this price field. The 8-
The megapixel front camera took a good selfie we thought was worth posting on social media.
We appreciate the fact that there is no aggressive smoothing on the face.
Our selfies look natural, colorful and detailed.
The focus lock was also found.
However, the front camera struggled indoors, the image became blurry and the color softened. Click to view full-
As mentioned above, there is nothing special about the beauty model on this phone.
All you get is six levels of each beautification filter that only lights up the image and smooth the skin texture.
There are a few quirky AR stickers to play with, but there are only 15 and there is no option to download more.
Full video can be recorded by front and rear cameras
HD, HD and 480 p resolution.
There is no stable technology here, so the video we recorded becomes unstable.
We were particularly frustrated with the camera app.
In addition to the function-
Hungry, it is a lot behind.
Switching between camera modes takes your own sweet time, and if you want to see the photos you \'ve just taken, you have to wait a few seconds before the phone is processed and displayed.
In terms of battery performance, Infinix Smart 3 Plus is able to spend the day\'s regular use time with some Internet browsing, music playback, some phone calls and messaging, throwing a little bit of the game into the mix.
On average, we found about 10-
15% juice left at the end of the day.
The bundled charger moves the phone from 0 to 100% in about two hours.
In our HD video battery cycle test, Infinix Smart 3 Plus lasted 14 hours and 57 minutes.
In addition to the Battery Saver and WhatsApp mode that reduces power consumption, there is a \"power reminder\" feature that alerts when the app consumes too much power.
VerdictThe Infinix Smart 3 Plus is an attractive choice for Rs.
6,999, provides a good set of features while still being affordable.
The camera performance of this phone is quite good in price, and its aesthetics is also very attractive. The low-
The optical sensor is an added benefit to XOS 5.
0 also brought some beautiful tools.
However, the paltry 2 gb RAM in this phone is much more
The task assignment function causes stuttering and no response to occur frequently in the application.
If you\'re willing to put up with this and camera performance is your main standard, then Infinix Smart 3 Plus is probably a good choice for the price.
For more, Redmi 7 (Review)
It offers better performance and a more elegant software experience compared to Infinix Smart 3 Plus, although we only tested the 3 gb RAM variant of the phone, which is a bit more expensive than it is.
The newly launched Realme c2s (Review)
The 3 gb ram variant is another option to consider, as is the old Realme C1 (Review). The Nokia 6. 1 (Review)
Rs is also provided frequently.
6,999 online, this is probably the best
The price is around the package.
Although the price is slightly higher, other options may include Realme 3 (Review)
Asus ZenFone Max M2 (Review).
This is the best phone under Rs.
8,000 in India, we discussed this on our weekly technical podcast Orbital, which you can subscribe to via the Apple podcast or RSS, download the episode, or click the Play button below.
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