How to install rearview mirror dvr?
The installation is easy. You may just follow the instruction. If there are specific problems, solutions would be provided. In general, the instruction may be manual, video, etc. Sometimes the rearview mirror dvr may be customized and the general instruction may be not enough. Then senior engineers may be sent to offer on-scene guidance.
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ShenZhen Shen Zhen Maction Technology Co.,Ltd. Co.,Ltd. is a renowned company based in China. We act as an important role in designing and manufacturing tracker for car. The dashboard camera series has become a hot product of Maction Technology. Maction 3g car dvr has to go through the following inspection processes. It is checked for its appearance (surface defects, color inconsistency, etc. ), specifications conformance, and form, fit, & function. It can keep working throughout the entire night without leaving the car engine on. The growth prospect is key to the competitiveness of the product. The product provides a wide-angle of radar signal detection.

Our company's commitment to social responsibility can be seen in our business activities. We will spare no effort to lower the carbon footprint and reduce every negative impact on the environment.

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