how to choose good car dash cam

by:Maction     2019-10-16
A dashboard camera is a dedicated camera that is used to record events or accidents while driving a vehicle.
It is usually installed on a dashboard or on a windshield attached to the car.
Today, the dashboard camera (commonly known as the dashboard camera) is more than just a luxury to shoot the original lens.
It can be used to provide evidence in the event of an insurance claim, or to identify the perpetrators of an offence against you or others on the road.
Apparently, most dash cams use smartphones to run their apps.
Some of the main tips to consider before buying a brand new dash cam include; (a)
Video resolution is a major factor to consider before purchasing a dashboard camera.
Video resolution will help capture important details such as face, license plate number, etc.
At least, the 720 p HD camera ensures that the lens is clear and clear.
1080 p HD cameras are also available, but they cost a lot compared to other cameras.
The quality of the video depends on the image sensor, lens and processor.
Glass lenses are much better than plastic lenses.
Most dashboard cameras come with recording and on-board microphones. (b)
Storage capacity is another very important factor to consider when looking for a good dashboard camera.
At the very least, it is recommended to use 64 gb of storage space because the camera will constantly record the video to the storage space.
The higher the resolution of Dashcam, the greater the storage space needed.
In contrast, an hour of 720 p video can consume 2 gb of space, while 1080 p of the same video can take up 6 gb of space.
Therefore, it is very important to consider which is heavy between higher resolution, larger storage capacity, or both.
This is because one factor always affects the other. (c)
While this seems to be a Less Important Consideration, night vision is very important because you never know when an accident will occur.
In well-lit areas, night vision may not be necessary because city lights, headlights and street lights can provide enough light to record.
However, not all areas are guaranteed to have enough light to help record high-quality images. (d)
Single or dual channel dash cameras can only record events from the front, while dual channel dash cameras can record events or accidents from the front and back of the car.
The dual channel camera is more effective as it can show someone driving recklessly behind your car.
In the taxi industry, dual-channel cameras are especially important to record everything that happens around the car. (e)
A dashboard camera based on a capacitor or battery power supply is equipped with a spare battery or capacitor that can save files when the camera stops receiving the vehicle power supply.
The capacitor-based Cam is more heat resistant and therefore more suitable for use at extreme temperatures.
They are also more durable and reliable than battery-powered cameras.
However, these cameras are often expensive and have less power.
Batteries, on the other hand, are cheaper, but they leak, overheat and explode easily.
However, they charge about 5 to 10 times as much as a capacitor-based camera.
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