how the engine control module works

by:Maction     2019-10-18
Engine Control Module maintenance first, do not confuse replacing ECM with repairing ECM.
The final result may be the same. -
After all, you can drive your car again. -
But engine control modules and units sometimes go bad and they are not really designed to be repaired ---
At the very least, not by the owner or a general mechanic.
Replacing a new one with a defective ECM should not be difficult, but as a user --
The process will be very friendly.
It is very simple to fix rather than replace ECM requires expertise and specific tools.
In fact, repairing ECM requires removing the unit and performing some very detailed and precise operations
Key electronic work.
This is similar to repairing the motherboard on a desktop computer--
Let\'s say it can be all fixed.
Some experts recommend dismantling and opening the equipment and sniffing around for signs of electrical damage (
If you \'ve never smelled it before, you can think you\'re lucky ---
But you may still be able to identify the chemical composition of the burning metal).
In addition, it can be easily seen if there is any corrosion to the acid or moisture damage.
The only benefit of this step if you are not going to fix it yourself is that you will know that your diagnosis is correct.
Nevertheless, the absence of such evidence does not mean that ECM is OK. Got that?
Your option is to buy a new ECM or send the old one in for repair (
You can probably guess which one is cheap).
So even if you or your mechanic suspect that ECM may be the source of your troubles, you should eliminate and eliminate all other potential issues before pulling the ECM and installing new ones.
Replacement can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars and can become more complex (and expensive)
If you have to modify the ECM to suit your security system, smart keys, anti-theft devices, or other electronic devices specifically configured for your car.
Don\'t forget that many ECM repair services are happy to return equipment that they are sure cannot be repaired (
If some areas of the processor are damaged, important data cannot be retrieved).
This may be confusing at first. -
You might want to know what the purpose of completely fried ECM is. -
But keep in mind that this unit stores all sorts of personal data on your car and some may not want that data to stay in a random warehouse forever.
It is worth noting that, just as bad ECM can cause a variety of electrical problems, the same is true on the contrary ---
A sensor failure or failure may damage your ECM.
This is another argument in favor of following a thorough trouble-shooting procedure before assuming the source of the problem.
If you know you have two faulty sensors, replace them as soon as possible.
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