How can I get dash camera sample?
If you have an interest in our product and intend to try it, the first you need to do is to deliver your requirements to us. Just fill in the form at the bottom of our official website, or contact us through E-mail or phone call directly, please be specific about your needs, and then we would love to fulfill your wish to manufacture and deliver the exact dash camera sample as you wish. If we have the product in stock, we will send it to your detailed consignee address as soon as possible.
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ShenZhen Shen Zhen Maction Technology Co.,Ltd. Co.,Ltd. has a strong capability for manufacturing tracker for car. We mainly put our efforts into designing, manufacturing, and marketing products. 360°dash camera produced by Maction Technology is very popular in the market. This product is not allergy free. Any allergen dye or chemical sensitizer, such as an alkylphenol ethoxylate, is eliminated during the manufacturing process with the help of hypoallergenic chemicals. The G-sensor has the sensitivity to detect collision accidents in a three-dimensional way. The product provides excellent performance to every application. The high front camera video resolution helps to track and record clearly.

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