How about market influence of Maction?
Over time, Maction is more influential and tries to lead the industry. With the support of our diligent staff, we have been helping to expand our marketing channels, and our influence on the development of the industry has been greatly enhanced. In recent years, China's Maction industry has developed rapidly and the company's influence on the international market has continued to increase.

Maction improves efficiency by optimizing the 360°dash camera manufacturing process. The car radar detector series is widely praised by customers. Superior rear view mirror backup camera and remarkable rear view mirror backup camera creates Maction. It can keep working throughout the entire night without leaving the car engine on. The rearview mirror dvr productivity of Shen Zhen Maction Technology Co.,Ltd. accounts for a large number of the national rearview mirror dvr output. With a built-in GPS antenna, it can track the driving routes.

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