horrific dashcam footage shows moment polish lorry driver killed mum and three kids as he changed music on his phone

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It was a sad moment when a truck driver was photographed changing the music on his mobile phone after turning into a fixed car and before killing a mother and three children. The highly-
Today, the families of the victims saw frustrating footage in court, and Tomasz Kroker in Poland was killed by Tracy, Josh, Ethan Houghton and Aimee Goldsmith
Families and friends of the victims gathered in court, and some cried in public galleries.
Some have left without seeing the most serious images and lenses.
Footage played from the cameras of the two cars shows terrible moments before and during the impact.
Front of the truck
Facingcamera shows that it is close to a fixed traffic line before driving at high speed.
Meanwhile, camera records inside the taxi showed Crocker sticking out to him with his mobile phone in his left hand.
When pop plays loudly on the truck, he is scrolling through different music options.
The music continued, and just before the truck collided with the first car in front, he looked up in shock.
He grabbed the steering wheel with both hands and was ready to hit, but it was too late.
The high court judge, Ms. McGowan, sentenced Crocker to four dangerous driving deaths and one dangerous driving injury in the reading criminal court.
The phone distracted Crocker, who did not see the fixed traffic line in front of him, which was set up after another truck slowed down while trying to climb the mountain.
The court heard that the truck driver himself had become a father five months before the accident. he was distracted by his mobile phone and did not look at the road almost a kilometer.
After the judgment was passed, Judge Mora McGowan said that his attention was too bad and that it was \"better to close your eyes \".
Just an hour ago, he signed a statement to the employer promising that he would not use the phone.
Outside the court, members of the family desperately called on motorists not to use their mobile phones while driving.
They said in the statement: \"The sentence of ten years\' imprisonment will not alleviate our pain and suffering, and we do not believe that it will send a strong enough message to those who lack self.
Restrictions on not using a mobile phone while driving.
\"Anyone who uses a mobile phone while driving is guilty of dangerous driving.
Killing a person, destroying your life, your family, your victims and their family only takes a second of distraction.
\"Today\'s results must remind us that every time we drive, we have a responsibility and the decisions we make can be fatal.
Our children lost their lives because of Tomasz Kroker\'s reckless behavior.
\"But because many people think we are a minor, insignificant crime, we are not the only family that has suffered --
Every day the crime that happens on our road
\"We urge you to make a personal commitment to stop using your phone while driving and make our roads safer for everyone.
Tracy Houton was killed in the A34 accident with her two little boys and her partner\'s daughter.
She has just started a new job at the Bedford Council, right across from her home.
Tracy spartner Mark Goldsmith witnessed the accident and when he was driving his own Vauxhall car he suffered a whiplash and broken ribsyear-
Jack, the passenger\'s son.
On October 10, Crocker admitted that dangerous driving killed Tracy, Josh, Ethan Howton and Amy Goldsmith in a terrorist car accident on August.
The last three victims were only 11, 13 and 11, respectively.
The court heard testimony from Crocker, 30.
Prior to the accident, he was distracted by his phone for 7 seconds, which was captured in the distressing dashboard camera lens. The father-of-
One person was also accused of causing serious injuries to dangerous driving after the accident, which occurred at around 5. 10pm.
In Vauxhall\'s car, due to the impact of the collision and the weight of a truck in front, the group was pressed to the third of its normal size.
Photographs presented to the court show the wreckage left by many vehicles after the collision --
Some were almost completely destroyed.
Crocker\'s partner has been pronounced in court.
In her judgment speech, Judge McGowan said: \"I would first like to pay tribute to the calm dignity shown by all the family members who believe in it.
\"In this case, there is no right of any court to take any measure to limit the terrible and devastating loss --
The potential life of three children and a loving mother.
\"Any word I impose cannot mitigate the terrible and permanent loss that these families will feel.
\"One can only hope that publicity around the case will make people more aware of the consequences of using the phone, not just texting or calling, you can also play music with your mobile phone or use some form of navigation software while driving.
\"In this case, there are many features of aggravated punishment.
Obviously, whether it is on the phone or not looking up, it will be distracting, obviously, the defendant did not see the vehicle that slowed down in front in about 45 seconds.
\"I can see this as a distraction for a long time.
\"The High Court judge sentenced him to ten years in prison for four counts of dangerous driving causing death, and sentenced him to four years in prison for dangerous driving causing serious injuries.
He will also be banned from driving for seven years.
Prosecution of Charles Ward Jackson said before sentencing: \"One of the issues the sentencing judge has to consider is how long the accused has been dispersed by his mobile phone.
\"This is at least 7-and-three-
Quarterly seconds that the Dash cam video shows.
\"The best evidence at the same time shows the defendant repeatedly looking at his mobile phone.
Another angle through the windshield shows fast
Vehicles line up close. \"Mr Jackson-
Ward added: \"It is clear that the accused did not look at it. It is only 0.
75 seconds before the accident, the camera showed the defendant looking up with some fear on his face.
\"A total of four trucks and four cars were involved in the deadly crash, which killed Bedford dunstell\'s mother and three children.
After emergency workers arrived at the scene, the North Lane was closed.
Crash caused a six
Miles of A34, depart from junction 13 of M4, near Newbury, Berks.
Between the villages of East Ilsley and West Ilsley, it is still closed for more than 18 hours.
Dozens of emergency services were dispatched to the site, including specialist medical staff from the hazardous response unit.
Another man and a teenage boy were taken to hospital for minor injuries and nine others were treated at the North Lane site for minor injuries.
A crash near East Ilsley occurred on a section called the infamous black spot that has been affected by the movement to reduce the speed limit.
Adam Pearson was seriously injured in a terrible crash, and he spoke with his partner in court diplomacy.
Mr. Pearson still had to wear a stand under his chin and said: \"We have seen the lens of the dashboard camera in advance because we decided to watch it.
\"It\'s hard for me to watch.
I have no memory or memory of the accident and I really don\'t want to see my footage.
\"It is impossible to believe that people sitting on the wheels of a vehicle that would cause such serious damage would show this disregard.
\"Considering the consequences of his behavior that day, we think this sentence is too light.
This sentence is too light for what happened.
\"It\'s not something simple or irrelevant, it\'s something that can ruin life.
\"I think it\'s hard to believe when you come across a case where four people have lost their lives and three of them are young children of the same age as my own children.
\"It\'s not just phone calls and text messages.
Now the phone is more complicated and needs more attention, which makes it take longer to use the phone.
This shows that you cannot use them when you are on the wheels of the moving vehicle.
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