Guidance from Above with the GPS Angel

by:Maction     2020-08-04
GPS Angel and Inforad have partnered up to produce Red Light Camera and Speed Camera notifications throughout Canada, the US and Europe. Using satellite data the GPS Angel can pinpoint location and speed. A built-in database of thousands of red light and speed cameras is vital for the warning system. The unit sends out a warning notification as the vehicle approaches each 1. The red light camera warning feature is very in order to what you get in the Garmin Nuvi3790 but without a radar detector. Updates to the database are available regularly and are offered via the GPS Angel Manager software and an net connection. The camera database updates are included for free with the acquiring a GPS Angel. The GPS Angel Manager software also allows users to customize speed warning thresholds or personal warning points; with regard to example schools and parks. Much more be in addition to all the preloaded red light and speed camera data. Easy to setup, the GPS Angel requires no hardware installation, simply place the unit towards the dashboard. There's two ways for powering the GPS Angel, a 12V cigarette lighter adapter for included or maybe optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery for significantly 8 hours of cordless use. The GPS Angel is a great compliemnt to any GPS system. We often recommend them often to users who require an best of all GPS meter reading. Great for hikers and marine global position systems where you're all to often off the beaten journey.
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