full hd car dvr motion detection loop recording automatically white led at night oem

by:Maction     2019-11-04
With so many people using car DVR now, it has become the perfect holiday gift for your family and friends.
The car dashboard camera will give you an idea while driving and will also help to spot traffic tickets or insurance fraud.
Aoni 274 is widely regarded by camera users and reviewers as the best HD car DVR in terms of cost and functionality.
For those who are not familiar with the key features and specifications of 274, it provides you with amazing 1080 p video quality, audio and video recording capabilities, an accessible 2.
0 inch screen to play and watch now.
This is the perfect way to capture what is happening on the road ahead.
The HD car camera has 2 white LEDs that provide a clearer and clearer picture regardless of the environment you are driving and recording.
There is a micro SD slot that supports up to 32 gb, so you can easily save and transfer all lenses to your computer or phone.
Even the slightest movement or activity will not exceed this full HD car DVR as it will detect as one of its additional features.
The car DVR camera 274 will automatically protect the front, present and next video files when a collision, emergency braking or car tilt occurs.
Through this function, important files will not be deleted by circular records.
All paths are displayed on the map, which is very convenient for vehicle management.
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