find top 5 dash cameras in 2015

by:Maction     2019-11-05
There are so many cars in the world, and many accidents happen every day. some accidents are simply solved, but most of them are difficult to prove who is wrong, because the end result could be a severe financial penalty without a third party witness, it is generally not possible to prove who is responsible for a particular accident.
The Dash camera was made to help drivers who had these accidents.
The dashboard camera is a device that automatically records what is happening on the windshield of a car.
Dash camera is the latest must-have product
Equipped with safety devices for our busy and dangerous roads.
Even if you are not involved, you can provide the police with valuable evidence of any accident you have witnessed.
There are many additional benefits.
Just like some models were able to detect when a stationary car was scratched in a small parking lot --
Lots of misdemeanor, give you a chance to identify any hitand-run perps.
Basic features include a small car DVR mounted on a car screen, or a dashboard via a cradle and suction cup.
The cable connection car cigarette lighter can provide the usual power.
After installation, the car camera will record the video in a continuous loop.
On-board camera with recording cycle, G-
GPS tracking, motion detector, sensor, parking mode.
GPS tracking records the location of any event as well as your speed.
When information is embedded in the video file, you can view the video file.
The motion detector is able to detect an accident or impact, it first ensures that any accident is saved to the storage space of the camera, not excessive
Even written in the accident.
In addition to this, there are many other specifications such as: video resolution, image quality, frame rate, storage space.
Here\'s a quick guide to the best five dash cameras of 2015.
The DOME G98 is probably the best dash camera, it reaches 1296 p video quality, the top product in the dash camera industry, it is based on the ambarella A7 chipset, a performance excellence
More good design built into the camera
In GPS, there is no need for an external GPS model, a 170 ultra wide angle view, and a very good package, which is a dashboard camera that we really like.
The G90 is a very classic poplar camera as it is the first dash camera to use the Ambarella A7 chipset, with stylish design, HD video resolution, ultra wide angle, the coolest feature is that the G90 has the distortion function to reduce the distortion of the barrel.
The G90 has three models: the G90 with Ambarella A7LA30, the G90A with Ambarella A7LA50, and the Ambarella A7LA70
The G5WA is a dual-lens dash camera and of course it uses the ambarella chip.
With 360 anti-collision features, LDWS, FCWS, BCWS, ADAS features, it is a multi-functional dashboard camera that provides drivers with a 360-degree pre-collision warning system BCWS for protection: the rear collision warning system G9WB has license plate recognition functions that other ordinary dashboard cameras do not have, and you can easily get the license plate of the front car, because G9WB can zoom in on the screen to display the license plate of the car.
G9WB is a dual-lens dashboard camera with an angle of 170 and a full HD video resolution.
The dome 9000 touch screen rearview mirror can easily operate the dashboard camera through its fingers. It has two cameras: the front and rear camera and the front camera can rotate 350 degrees.
It uses android 4. 0.
Very useful GPS/FM/wifi features. it is 5. 0 inch screen.
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