FAQ When Using The Rearview Mirror GPS Navigation

by:Maction     2020-06-04
1.GPS problems when you can not receive the signal,please cautiously some reasons as follows: A.please is essential there is no shelter in the sky B.The weather is bad C.Too many shelters(tall buidings,vehicle's blast-ban membranes,tunnels,viaducts,trees ect.) D.There are also wireless transmission enquipments. E. Car explosion-proof membranes and this particular whith warm temperature 2.What am i able to do for the reason that map sheds during arrangement? There are map data backup on the inside CD-ROM.You should unzip the data of the folder 'GPS map' on the inside CD-ROM globe SD greetings card.After inserting the card into the GPS navigator and delivering on,the system demands activation code,Then input the right one (call your dealer for it) in accordance with the hints to reactive the navigation human body. 3.Why the stand-by time of the navigation instrument as well short may? A :The duration of your lithium battery varies with environmental temperature changes and also the service health conditions.If the environment temperature is too low or too high,the time of the battery will be affected.It is recommended to that device at the room heating. B:When gadget is employed ,larger screen of the navigation device requires more electricity.In addition,affected by the degree increase,sound field special effects,and other factors such as frequent operation,the actual duration may differ from specified one to a certain extent.When the system is used on the car,it is recommended to connect the automobile charger and charge the device while deploying it. 4.How long would are the positioning completed after turning -on? the navigator should match the requirement of getting position parameters with 60s at food with caffeine . point under clear night.But the time to position is affected sometimes by factors such as satellite signal sheller.SA interfere(block-off of mountain or building) climate,environment accessories. 5.Why perform the positioning be more difficult time at some time? The time position may be longer your following situations: A GPS satellites distribute uneven your local zone B GPS signal cannot pass through most opaque solid matters,and the signal receiving is interfered shelters above since building,tunnel,trestle,tree,vehicle's blast-ban membrane quite a few.,as well as weather conditions with regard to overcast and rainy day. C the receiving of GPS signal would even be affected and reduced down by thick film or tearing foil that contains some mental element. 6.Is it free to receiving GPS satellite signal with the navigator? Yes,the receiving of GPS signal is free of any charge. 7.Why is that some movie files can be played,while others of same format will not be played? Incompatibility may occur,because many different compilation-modes and resolutions for the files of same format at current websites.All you need to do is convert their format using recommended conversation tool attached disk before playing them all. 8.How for your precision for this navigator? The precision of the GPS,which is derived from the statellite position manner of the USA army,is completely in the influence in the precision of USA's GPS satellite indicate.According to the offical data,the precision is whithin 10 meters;and commonly ,it may are more precise in 6 meters at beyond 90% some time. 9.How to try and do in the case of abnormal shutdown of the navigator? first,press the energy Key on panel belonging to the device and observe if your restarting is usual or and not. Then,check electricity supply cable fuse,change it if it is broken. If you meet problem that you simply cannot find response in the FAQ or not deal with,when making use of the rearview mirror,please ask for help inside the contract us
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