Car DVR Posts a Rosy Prospect in Car Electronics Market

by:Maction     2020-07-21
Along with systems have been forthcoming economy and progress of era, people's life quality is improved; cars gradually replaces walking to stay travel tool. Determined by statistics, in recent years, sales of cars in China stably increase; despite financial crisis in 2008 that contributes to economy's slow regrowth. Hence, it's predicted that car DVR will post a rosy prospect market in the future. Everyone knows the traffic in China is very congested. It's reported that over 50% death is caused by car accident each year, and 15% of global accidents happens in China. Sometime malicious accidents occur as well. Today, people gradually improve their traffic safety consciousness, to allow them to will install a car DVR on their cars to avoid some troubles. Issues DVR can record all events happen during driving, traffic speed and driving tracks. When you encounter blackmail outcome of malicious accident, don't need to worry because the DVR has recorded the whole digest. Besides, the car camcorder also can supply for DV shooting what you like, home monitoring, parking monitoring. Multi-function is a primary point that car DVR is used often by drivers. As the greatly increasing demand of car camcorder, different styles of products are on the market, for example, infrared night vision car black box, double cameras vehicle video recorder, ultra-wide angle car black box, etc. Customers are able to decide the product in line with their practical needs or desires. Many investors have confidence in the market and join in this particular industry, which promotes the development of car DVR sell to some extent. in addition to this, the government issued new traffic rules in January, 2013 that also drives Car DVR's development. Shenzhen Yaoshun Technology Co., Ltd ( is professional car black box manufacturer, a subsidiary of DragonMen group found in Shenzhen city. Yaoshun specializes in design, R&D and reverse technology study of electronic information products; it owns a factory equipped with advanced manufacturing devices imported from overseas and qualified with ISO9002 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental protection license. At present, Yaoshun has launched several involving multi-functional recorders that get much attention from consumers. In the near future, Yaoshun will issue other recorders.
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