bungling gang leg it after police spot them trying to drill into cash machine

by:Maction     2019-10-20
Funny footage shows that the police foiled a clumsy gang trying to drill into a gas station ATM while posing as a worker.
Undercover police were surprised to look at wearing a helmet and Hi-
Vis jacket, trying to drill through the floor of the gas station for 45,000 in cash.
The six gang members used huge bottles to cool industrial drills before the police stormed in and let the cheeky guys run around. Take action on tips
After the closure, officials have launched a surveillance operation. on September 15, members pretended to measure the plot behind the Harvest Energy gas station on Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester.
The cheeky gang called the raid \"Italian work\" in a text message, when they arrived in a van and lifted a huge generator under the store, police and passers-by were both
Almost the speed of farce.
Police footage showed that they had been preparing for the robbery for several hours before they started drilling-just to get the police to move in immediately.
In a desperate escape attempt, a member was taken down by police dash cam and his head popped out of the fence just to find the police on the other side and then from the other side
The criminal operation began around four o\'clock P. M. and the police eventually moved in at 7.
At 48, everyone else was caught except for one of the six men.
Four of the arrested gang members were finally brought to justice after pleading guilty, but the fifth failed to appear in court and was on the run. Father-of-
Two 33-year-old Osman Yirticisahin, a Turkish-born man who served in British forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, were sentenced to three years in prison.
Damien Green, 35, a father who claims to be involved in debt, has three years.
However, the 33-year-old Omal Syed Iqbal was kept in a cage for three years and nine months as he was sentenced to long-term imprisonment for injuries caused by intent and conspiracy to supply drugs during the robbery.
All three confessed to the plot robbery.
Asghar Ahmed, 22, Rochdale Equitable Street, admitted assisting the offender, who had not been convicted before.
He quit his job as Swissport, a ground handling agent at Manchester Airport.
He was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison.
Don\'t read that!
The power station workers were swallowed up by the fire for pulling the wrong Leval woman found dead in the same house, where the barber was brutally killed by the former Stacey Flounders for 10 years. Member 5 and operating materials, Simon McDonald, 30, issued an arrest warrant after failing to attend the sentencing hearing.
Yirticisahin was driving a van carrying equipment, along with Green, McDonagh and a third unidentified person who came to the scene.
MacDonald needs to be hospitalized after being bitten by a police dog.
Iqbal was parked in the front yard of the gas station by a mass polo, acting as the gang --
Go out with the youngest Ahmed gang member in the passenger seat.
Judge David Hernández described the crime as \"rather bold \".
He said: \"It is a bold plan to drill through the concrete floor and steal the cash machine inside.
The purpose is to enter the building.
\"This is a well-planned operation.
The crime was intercepted before the police were completed.
However, the drilling started despite no major damage.
After the verdict, police Officer Nicholas Kershaw said: \"There is no doubt that these people are shameless when trying to steal tens of thousands of pounds from the cash machine, in broad daylight, execute their plans in front of anyone who happens to pass by or live in a nearby apartment building.
\"They trust their disguise to hide their robbery, and what they don\'t expect is excellent police action, which is to frustrate their best plan.
\"The surveillance operations were carried out by our officers with excellent performance, resulting in these persons being sentenced to imprisonment reflecting the severity of their crimes.
\"Despite the\" good police \", the police are still looking for the sixth member of the gang who managed to escape.
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