Biscuit Big Brother - Asset Tracking Saves Time

by:Maction     2020-08-09
Whilst wandering through the aisles of your local supermarket, you're tracked by silent host of CCTV cameras. This 'big brother' mentality may seem rather excessive, but compared on the produce stacked on the shelves and the packet of biscuits in your basket, you've almost slipped in under the mouth! Asset tracking and vehicle tracking, which have monitored the journey in that packet of biscuits just about every detail, are of vital importance to manufacturers and logistics companies alike; practically they save time and money, they also help the environment and keep drivers safe. Vehicle tracking frequently involves just tracking the trailers, especially if ever the company uses outside contractors to actually carry out the transportation. Vehicle tracking is not necessary GPS monitoring to calculate the vehicle's location, speed as well as., modern trackers are highly sophisticated devices that can tell the company exactly when and where each of their trailers was hitched and unhitched originating from a particular lorry cab. This trailer tracking isn't just about companies wanting be certain their contractors do their job punctually and efficiently, it's more to do with allowing companies to organise their own resources more efficiently at the distribution end of the production line. As you might have already guessed, this involves yet more vehicle tracking. To make the organisation of their resources and vehicle fleets as slick as possible, some companies undertake fleet tracking of their shunt vehicles; i.e. each one of their vehicles needed for transporting and loading products from the factory or depot into the trailers is also given a vehicle tracking system. The modern tracking software used can collect all the info from the trackers on each shunt vehicle to give an overview of how the fleet is performing whilst still being able to give detailed real-time information on every single shunt vehicle. This fleet tracking gives companies the possibility increase their efficiency in numerous ways, from better organising their vehicles at peak operating times to merely staggering the times of every driver's break; even these small areas fleet management, could otherwise go unnoticed, save significant time and money. Driver performance management takes this idea even further: drivers of main delivery lorries have their driving styles, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions monitored to expenses and help the environment; the driver performance management software even collates every driver into a league table! Asset tracking enables companies to should be detailed approach to the next level. When a delivery arrives at a supermarket distribution centre, the GPS system in the driver's cab, part of your vehicle tracking system, is used think about an aerial photograph showing the exact location of the trailer; this may seem frivolous but in huge centres with multiple warehouses, knowing which warehouse a trailer has visited allows a company to work out how much time is being spent on getting the produce to the right place; it's really good for efficiency if packets of biscuits sit outside a fruit and veg warehouse all day! In combining asset tracking, vehicle tracking and driver performance management companies can adjust their procedures to save as much money and time as possible, whilst also helping the environment, in delivering your biscuits.
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