best reasons to use a dash board camera when traveling

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The dashboard camera takes photos from the car while traveling, eliminating frustration.
How many times did you drive on the road (
As a passenger)
Try to take the amazing photo of Holden, Fujian, which is coming to you.
Then, when you load them onto your computer, you will see 50% of your own dashboard, not the car.
The cloudy days taken on the Eureka cliff with our dash camera are so frustrating.
The other thing we found was that when you lined up for the Mighty Eagle to have a big meal on the side of the road, you hit a bumpy place and you missed a lot.
That didn\'t stop me though it was annoying.
They may be amazing shots I can\'t capture anymore.
Car Dash DVR with night vision, built-in microphone, 2.
5 \"rotatable and foldable tft LCD screen display Amazon price: $59. 99 $13. 20 Buy Now(
Prices as of May 11, 2015)
It\'s a great dashboard camera with night vision with folding and rotating screens so you won\'t miss anything.
Once the engine starts, there is an automatic record.
Saved a lot of trouble.
In the first experience of our trip, we saw a dashboard camera in the window of a car.
My husband and I decided to do some research and that\'s what we found out.
Image insert: This photo was taken from my dashboard camera and the photo was guy skateboarding all the way on the newrabor highway.
His backup is on the side of the road.
By installing the camera on the dashboard, you will never miss the photos taken in front of the vehicle.
You will still capture your photos even on uneven roads.
Like all videos, it does show some bumpy road movements.
Like in this picture of the cow crossing the road in front of us, you can capture stills from your video photos, which is great because otherwise you may miss this picture on bumpy roads
These cameras and cameras are now very popular as they can be used as evidence in an accident.
This can prove that you are innocent. after all, there is nothing wrong with it.
So you save a lot of money.
You don\'t have to pay for the world either.
You can buy them from $20 or less in some stores in the US Department of Defense, black box dvr CameraF900
264, 120 degree wide lens, 1080 p hd car black box, car driving DVR camera, dashboard camera, 4x zoom, 12. 0MP,2.
Price of LCD Amazon: $59. 99 Buy Now(
Prices as of May 11, 2015)
Built-in lithium battery and anti-shake function.
4 times zoom and wide angle lens.
HDMI interface, you can work with your high-
Install the definition of a dashboard camera using a clean window remote visual tips make sure there is no reflection or stone damage in the view. Please keep the screws loose enough to allow the capture area to move more movement before leaving the car, before removing the camera from the dashboard, place the camera on the dashboard in clutter, this will prevent thef from supplying power from the cigarette lighter and installing it on the windshield at the departure
Reduce theft by removing markers, showing that this dashboard camera was not operated while driving, which is the type of photo I hate to take.
There is a bird on the side of the road that I may never see or catch again.
Please note that reflection on my Spot Messenger window this type of reflection breaks many wonderful captures.
Advantages and disadvantages of dashboard cameras they record excellent video resolution, clear pictures can be edited from videos to capture a single favorite lens on an easy-to-use computer, this is all their evidence.
Cameras don\'t lie. Reminder -
You do need to turn the camera on and, of course, you also need to turn it off again. (
Incredibly, how many times have we done more than that. )
Disadvantages of the dash camera to be honest I haven\'t found a lot
There is not much action except you.
You can only capture what is in front of you, which can sometimes be a pain. BOOMYOURS 2.
7 \"TFT 270 Swivel Dual Camera lens HD car DVR vehicle black box DVR with G-
Sensor and GPS module and SD slot (Size-A1, Black)
Amazon price: $59. 99 $48. 00 Buy Now(
Prices as of May 11, 2015)
This camera actually has two cameras that can rotate 270 degrees, so you won\'t miss anything.
It has a GPS logger and it will open Google Maps so you can see the track, speed date and time you are driving.
This is an example of the night vision function of the dashboard camera --
Some dashboard cameras have night vision to give you night and day capture. Waterproof-
Many cameras have a special cover that prevents the camera and card from being damaged by water.
Foldable screen rotatable-
The camera above provides this feature
Once the engine starts and stops (motion start)GPS -
Other recommended motorcycle mountain navigation-
The Iphone can be installed on a motorcycle and some have gps navigation.
If a dashboard camera is installed on your vehicle, it can save you expensive court cases.
Once you \'ve taken a photo, why not have some fun and do something cool with your photo. (
Articles and pictures copyrighted by the author)
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