award-worthy swag! inside daytime emmy gift bags worth a whopping $15,000 each - from a $2,000 face mask to a $10,000 massage chair and a three-night vacation in jamaica

by:Maction     2019-10-24
The contents of the luxury gift bag received by the waiter of the 46 th Annual Daytime Emmy Award have been announced.
The guests of the event held on Sunday, May 5 in Pasadena, California, were lucky as each of them received gift bags worth up to $14,500.
The luxury gift bag includes more than 70 different items, including a vacation to Jamaica, expensive beauty products and some tech gadgets.
More expensive items included in the package include the Kahuna LED mask ($1,999)
And massage chairs ($10,000)
From the same brand
Dailymail TV host Jesse Palmer said after testing his chair: \"This is the best massage chair I have ever experienced. . .
I don\'t want to get up!
\"The design of the mask is to counter it.
Acne treatments that reduce skin aging are designed to help enhance collagen in the skin and scalp and make the skin look younger.
At the same time, the massage chair is designed to relax the user by providing a total of 15 different massage options to meet a variety of physical conditions.
Facebook\'s new portal ($199)
Also included in the bag.
The device enables users to display photos and videos shared by friends on Facebook.
The portal was made for AI.
Enhance video calls through Facebook Messenger.
This package also includes a NextBase dash cam ($250)
, It records everything in front and rear of the driver in order to have a clear lens in the event of an accident.
The guests of the Daytime Emmy Award also won the facial cleanser including Foreo Luna Foto ($89)
And some hair-
Care products for BounceCurl ($250)
And a jazz French foundation.
They also got some ofOlivia ofoli from Quido\'s O skin ultimate glow series, which is worth $919 in total.
They also got askincare set ($266)
Korean brand HARUHARU Wonder.
The package also includes some $250 worth of products.
Care brand Monat from Boxycharm and a box of beauty products worth $21
A company that provides users with monthly gift boxes.
Gift box of essential oil ($284)
Every guest has a gift from a young life.
Luxury Gift bags also include threenight getaway ($700)
S hotel to Jamaica
The new hotel offers 120 rooms with dozens of different amenities, including bars, stylish cafes, and fine dining.
The hotel has a swimming pool, an aerial deck with a bar and lounge, an international restaurant, a spa, a boutique and a gym.
Accompany generous three-
Vacation in the evening, including some trips-
Related accessories.
Each waiter received the aForwardX suitcase ($799), a self-
Use face recognition and sensors to track the owner\'s driving suitcase.
Lucky guests also received $165 worth of Biaggi suitcases and gold-
From the Canadian brand MyTagAlongs ($16).
Guests will also find travel skincare kits from Chemist fessions.
The kit includes many mini trips-
A total of $35 worth of products.
Luxury Gift bags also include accessories, including souvenir pendants ($50)
Specially designed for the owner and artist of my passion jewelry, the 46 th Daytime Emmy nomination.
Guests also received a $685 Vakanza silver ring with a \"signature star faux stone\" that the brand describes as even exposed to shower, pool or spa water
Again, they got a pendant ($80)
From Los Angeles brand Timelapse Co.
A faint spring scarf ($75)
Designer Melissa Peron and pajamas ($125)
Luxury Gift bags also include underwear from In Bloom.
A Mercedes-Benz Brunelli handbag ($1,500)
Each waiter was also provided with services specifically designed for the event.
They also gave a pair of Badgley Mischka heels each ($325)
A pair of sunglasses ($250)
Sunglasses and skirts ($150)bySingle Dress.
Some snacks are also included in the luxurious gift bags, including six
A pack of dirty biscuits ($39)
And a box of hands.
Painted Bella Sofia chocolate ($55).
Guests also received a bottle of carbonadi vodka ($100)
A bottle of Asian rum ($19. 99).
They also got a group of four small broken cups ($63).
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