Are there services after rearview mirror dvr installation?
The services after rearview mirror dvr installation can be found in Shen Zhen Maction Technology Co.,Ltd.. We highly emphasize the importance of service ranges after installing the products. They encompass all processes that come after the act of selling products and the contents include contacting via E-mail, sending purchasing coupons, delivering discounts for a second purchase, among others. In total, it aims to assist a customer in better using and maintaining a product, which could cater to customers, generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers and improve customer satisfaction.
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ShenZhen Maction Technology Co.,Ltd. is a well-known Chinese company. We have unrivalled experience and knowledge in designing and manufacturing tracker for car. The dash cam pro series has become a hot product of Maction Technology. This product is hypo-allergenic. The materials used are largely hypoallergenic (good for those with wool, feather, or other fiber allergies). Treated with special painting, its surface is resistant to UV. The product shows dynamic in the market. This product has the function of parking monitoring.

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