ambarella a7 top chipset car dvr camera recorder with 120 degree wide angle shooting and gps logger

by:Maction     2019-11-04
What is a high standard?
Today we will give you an example by introducing the Aoni 261 dash camera.
The use of Ambarella A7 processors manufactured by top chipset manufacturers ensures the high quality of the Aoni 261 on-board DVR.
More specifically, with the maturity and completeness of Ultra night vision technology, record clearer and more vivid videos at low resolution
The luminous condition is a piece of cake.
In short, in the case of insufficient light, shooting 261 of the car camera on a dark night, it will be easier to shoot the scenery.
I am always afraid to drive too fast without knowing it. there is no worries.
The GPS speed camera alert feature reminds you not to overspeed and prevents you from violating traffic rules. The built-
In the GPS recorder, receive the signal and record the data, time, speed and log to let you know the situation all the way. Besides, the G-
In this case, the speed camera detector will sense emergency braking, car accidents and deviations, etc.
Automatically record and lock the video in the accident to protect it from being deleted.
Video distortion may be a disadvantage of a normal car dvr, but the 261 best speed camera detector has a wide-
Angle distortion correction, which means that it can effectively correct the deformation generated by ultra-wide angle shooting.
At the same time, it can still shoot clear videos at high resolution during fast driving.
In addition, the parking monitoring feature allows it to trigger a record in the event of a collision or slight shaking, even if your car is parked there.
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