Amazon vs Autodvdgps

by:Maction     2020-08-05
Amazon vs Autodvdgps Amazon is a big internet e-commerce company, offering many kinds of products, such as electronics, books, toys, clothing, movies, sports and so on. Seeking browse Autodvdgps's website, you will find there are less types of the products, comparing with Amazon. That have some car electronics, like in-dash car dvd gps player, gps navigation unit, car camera, parking radar, car headrest monitor, and some other car and truck accessories. So what's your opinion about those two website? As we all know, Amazon is a big internet e-commerce company of United States, which was founded in 1995. Autodvdgps, company name Qualir Auto Electronics Co., LTD, was founded in 1998, in China, 3 years later after Amazon's foundation. Are cheaper . been 13 years since Qualir's founded. Qualir has devoted itself in producing and developing car electronics in all those some time. And it has gotten some achievements in car electronics e-commerce. Autodvdgps's car electronics come from Chinese wholesaler, which means low price and good quality, once we all know China is really a global production base. Amazon has so many regarding products, so who knows which one is their featured product? If you browse Autodvdgps's website, the nice products category will come to a sight. The car dvd gps players are classified to many categories, with respect to the car brands and models. It's easy for that customer to choose the ideal dvd player. On backside of the category, an individual see some other car electronics, like headrest monitor and car camera. Practical, then focus see all the info on the products if you browse the product detail page. Here you often see the highlights, interface pictures and the pictures all sides of the dietary supplement. All of these pictures are taken by the Qualir's staffs. So the pictures are all real and they also could be trusted. On Autodvdgps's website, you could find the installation guide for the in-dash car dvd gps player. Inside your do not know how you can install the dvd, concentrate on your breathing refer these pictures. Furthermore, it has introduction on the picture. This could make you put in the dvd on auto or truck by yourself even in the event you do not have any idea on how to it before. What is it possible to get from Amazon's page? There are just some brief introduction about the products and services. And there are a few product pictures. People struggle to know the products pretty likely form these few paintings. Besides, you can not find any installation guide on Amazon's website, which is kind of important for the consumer service. What's more on Autodvdgps? There is customer service on the live chat. If you have any questions, you could click the button of live support on the top right of the website. That may be a big feature of the website, because many websites do not have this, including Amazon. Actually but relaxed breaths . also send emails on the service department, or phone them if you have any emergency situation. The after-sale service is well-known good, as well as the pre-sale service. Autodvdgps is now many good reviews with the after-sale service on the internet, even on some famous car forums. On Autodvdgps's blog, you could find many useful articles, for the specialized car dvd player introduction, Qualir help, Qualir news and all night. All of these are designed for the customers. In one word, Autodvdgps has a complete system on developing and selling car electronic products although it is not the size of Amazon, but it has numerous advantages, which will lead it to be bigger and more potent soon or later. So if you want to buy online, you could pay a visit to Amazon, but you really should try to go to Autodvdgps one does want to buy some benefit car electronics and get good service.
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