100 truck modifications

by:Maction     2019-10-28
This is a tutorial to let you know what you can do with your truck to customize or upgrade it.
The truck I did this was a 91 Chevrolet s10.
I will show you what you can add outside and inside.
Most of this can be done with any vehicle.
Before I got into my truck, I started taking pictures of the vehicle.
What you should know about your vehicle type
Light weight truck total vehicle weight RatingCurb WeightMax payload traction capacity load cab size brake system engine cylinder engine configuration valve train design engine tytypetire stock tank nut material wheel drive if you work on your own car, it\'s great to have a hanes manual.
Yes, it\'s good to use the internet, watch the video, but it\'s great to have a manual on hand if your internet is not working or no computer is off.
This manual breaks everything down on your truck.
There are pictures, charts, etc. . .
Hear a source to find the manual, and if you are rating your truck or vehicle, a good starting point is the body of the vehicle.
I have some rust spots so I decided to fix them.
This may be a bigger step, but in the long run it will help vechile you look good.
There are a lot of videos on how to do this.
You can have something to eat here.
What I do is follow these steps and apply a glass fiber cloth with two parts of resin on the metal around the rust area.
Resin and hardening agent sand add bondo/body fillersand add primeradd paint down again, in addition to this, more transparent coating is added, but in the long run, your vehicle.
You spray it under your truck to prevent rust and make it look better when it\'s visible like under the wheel. Make sure not to spray on the tires.
Stick it out with tape so don\'t spray it on it.
In order to help your truck drive better and look better, it may take more than one canAnother truck refitting, which is to upgrade your tires.
If both your rims and tires are good, then simply clean it.
I repainted my paint with white paint.
I used primier and stuck the tires and nut valve cap etc. .
Don\'t forget oil snow tires are a great choice when having snow tires. There are several options.
I think the best way is to prepare a second rim for your winter and non-winter tires.
Otherwise, you can replace the summer tires on the same rim you want to wear the winter tires. Rims-
The layout of the alloy, allumiinum, steel bolts on the rim is very specific, even if you have five bolt patterns, the five bolt patterns have many different sizes.
In addition, for rim, there is a dimeter in the center of rim that needs to be correct.
The smaller tires in the winter are better, they say, because they don\'t believe veichle has a better weight.
Note: you can get the lock nut to lock your rims and tires so that no one will steal them.
Note: rims you can get a lot of repetitive styles on the tires, know when to change the tires and know how to use the tire repair kit.
Fender is another cool thing on your truck.
You can choose many different styles and colors.
Some are really big, some are very small.
These just make the wheels look cool.
The ones I installed I attached them to the wheel holes with screws.
I found a truck at the garbage station at a fairly cheap price.
Trying a truck\'s bullet tire door cap here is another way to add a little flash to your vehicle.
These make it look cool.
You may not notice the tires unless you are looking at them.
These have different colors and there are many other things that you can use as an air door cap instead of a normal black one.
These are just screwed.
It\'s a bit cool if you don\'t know what these tires are so people don\'t steal your tires.
They use different special lugs nuts that require a special socket to remove the nuts with their own keys.
People can find alternatives, but their favorite thing is to get your wheels off.
The biggest problem with these is that you always need to know where the key outlet is so that you also have the key outlet if it leaks or needs to take off the tires.
It should be enough to put them on one wheel.
The license plate cover is a cool feature that can be added to your truck.
You can get a lot of different, with regular colors, or with the logo of the sports team on the cover, almost anything you can think.
They also have those covers with color to cover the plate a little and make it look cool.
These are very simple and suitable for all licenses.
As long as the old screws or bolts fixed on the board rust or peel, they are easy to install.
These have covers on them to cover the cool screws.
Check your car information and the bull bar can make the truck look sweet.
They are customized for most vehicles, otherwise there are some suitable for many vehicles.
The Bull pole is mounted on the frame of the vehicle so that it can be mounted very firmly on the frame.
The bullpen protects the front end of your truck, so it won\'t damage your front end if you hit a deer or bull.
You can install fog lights, pa speakers, or winches on the bullpen.
In the same year, I found my bullpen on a truck.
Because the nuts are rusted, it is difficult for the bull bar to remove from the old truck.
I\'ll go and install the bull bar if I want it.
Then I drill holes in the frame of the truck I want to install.
The Weld on my bottom broke, so I added the bracket fixed with nuts and bolts.
Also, I bolted the hole holder on the top with the lock nut to make sure it was very tight there and had sercurely installed.
It\'s great to make sure it fits your vehicle on the truck.
As a truck, you can use it to pull things into the bed of the truck, or pull others out, or pull them out with a four-wheelbarrow.
This is a 12 volt girl.
Red enters the positive pole on the battery, a power source that enters wench itself.
The fuse adapter line should also be used between the power supply and the battery to prevent damage to the fuse.
The black wire is connected to the battery and the bench connector point and then also to the bench negitve terminal.
There is a button powered by 12 V that can move the girl back and forth.
After the market fog lights, a truck looks cool.
These are different from off-road lights, which are lower on your vehicle, and when there is fog outside, they will angle to give you a better view.
Fog lights are easy to install but need wiring.
Also, you will need to install fog lights.
I drilled in the metal grill of the car.
This will leave a hole if you take them out.
The drilling and throwing frame is not hard.
Make sure to measure and mark the position of the installation light.
Make sure you tighten the bolts well so they don\'t loosen.
The line is very direct.
There is a ground wire.
This is installed on the frame to ground it.
There are instructions on the fog light kit.
You need to have the power cord connected to the battery on your vehicle.
The third wire needs to be added to the switch.
I had to connect the wires from the hood to the battery and then needed to put them into the cab.
I ran my door and threw it.
You need to find a place to install the switch.
Many styles of deer whistle are cool.
Now I say how good they work.
Some of these may not be necessary states or locations.
You may not want them to show up in your car if you are a hunter.
Although you drive while hunting
Another tip for these articles is that I will not go to the car wash with them or they will be knocked down by a brush.
The way they work is to use the treble to bypass the deer from your location.
One tip for deer is that more than 75% of deer are the most active at dusk and dawn.
A bug fletor is another thing that people add there to make it look cool.
It does also kill bugs that will hit the windshield.
It\'s quite easy to install.
Get the right model for your vehicle. and mount it.
Bug fletor comes with double sided tape for under the hood.
It also already has holes so you can drill it into the hood to make sure it fits well in the hood and doesn\'t fly away.
Again, it should come with instructions.
Make sure you put it straight.
You can also find thees with words in the above and many different coolers.
Arrow antenna is a less common feature on trucks.
This is more suitable if your Hunter especially bows.
People also like archery.
Easy to install.
1 out of 5 in scale.
Just measure your antenna and get an arrow of length.
I left a small space on it for the antenna. tip.
Make sure you get an arrow that is large enough in diameter to cross the antenna.
This does not affect the signal of my radio at all.
I got the idea from a friend who drew his wiipper blade. This is a great way to add colors and make them look cooler.
There are several ways to do this, I stick the rubber part to the actual blade, spray it on the plastic part and add a layer of transparent coating to help keep the color.
Otherwise, you can remove the arm from the truck and draw only the arm without the blade.
Or both.
The best wipers using the window rain proof device look cool and can also keep the rain in place when the window breaks.
In addition, these will also help to reduce the noise of the wind.
All types of windows and moon roof are available.
Just pick up flilm and reveal the sticky part that will be attached to the door frame.
Make sure to install them directly.
Before putting them on, make sure that the surface on which they are connected is cleaned.
Keeping the rain away from the field mirror is a useful feature on your truck.
These things would be great if you had a bedding on your truck.
They are also good if you carry things with a trailer.
Some cars have these standards, but you can buy and wear them yourself if your standards don\'t.
You can stick them on your own doors, something you can use to decorate the truck.
I did that, but the decor ended up falling off so I took it off.
I may re-add this in the future.
I\'m not sure if I did it wrong, but it started to smell so I took it off.
There are many different colors.
Coloring the windows is one of the most common things people do to make the truck look better.
Many states have laws that prohibit color dimming, so be sure not to darken the color.
Applying your own window tone can be a bit difficult, but it can drop over time.
Otherwise, you can pay to finish it.
You can do it with this and your selfA front windshield decal is cool.
This is the top of your front wind shield.
It\'s easy to put on your truck.
You will want to know what you want to put on first.
Put it on and take it slowly.
Make sure to measure the size of the windshield in order to get the correct size.
You can also get any color you want.
I ordered it online.
When sticking to the window, clean the paper on the back first to make sure it is a straight and peaceful top film.
This mirror is attached to your existing mirror and allows you to see more behind you.
This is great if tow trailer.
This was made on the side mirror of the PA sang.
There are clips and suction cups that can be installed on the mirror.
Easy to fly and put on.
Running the lights is another thing you can add to your vehicle.
These are mainly added to the truck compared to the car.
These lights come in several different colors and they are on the roof of the cab.
These things are screwed to the frame of the roof.
These need to be powered to the battery with one wire for each lamp, and the negitive wire reaches the ground position.
When screwing them to the frame, some lights will be based on what type of lights you buy.
Running lights can be installed directly or at a certain angle.
You will also want to attach them to the switch when wiring.
The flashing of many different styles of warning lights is another thing on the roof of the cab.
This can also be mounted on the rod in the bed frame.
When working on the side of the road, this can help people see your car and let them know to drive carefully when passing you.
Some people put these on the dashboard in the truck.
There is a magnet at the bottom that can stick to the hood.
It then has a cigarette outlet that you plug into the cig port.
Some of their power cables are different and there are many different types of roof brackets.
This is a universal mounting kit with two sets of rods.
I put a bar on my truck.
These can be used for transportation, canoe, kayak, dinner, ladder, wood, etc. . .
These are attached to the roof between the doors.
It was assembled with an Allen wrench.
The instructions they came with were not very good.
When installing, make sure it is mounted evenly on the hood.
Be sure to get the correct length if you have a roof stand. Some of these brackets make noise and having a hood will help reduce the noise of the wind.
It is also said that because it is in an angle, it will reduce the draft from the roof rack.
They also give a cool look to your truck or vehicle.
Many people put stickers on them.
I can show you this. if wanted.
Make sure you know the size of the cowl you want.
As I mentioned earlier, cross-country lights are different from fog lights.
Off-road lights will be on top of your car and additional lighting will be added when you are on off-road, farm or legal use.
They operate at a 12 V voltage and turn on and off using the seperat switch.
I installed them on my roof rack.
There are different ways to install them.
One step is installation and the other is wiring.
There\'s more to it, but first break it down into those things.
I will pre-wire it and test everything and you know how it should work.
I will then install the lights and then reconnect the lights.
No extra wiring is required, but make sure you have enough wiring.
This flag mountain is very unique.
This is made of the lamp holder of the ship.
With the boat light, you can adjust it up and down, so you can turn it down when you don\'t want to use the flag.
People display their favorite uniforms with flags.
Also, people use flags to show off your store.
Since I had a roof rack, I decided to install it on the roof rack.
You can also attach it to the frame of your truck and place it in the flat section next to the rear window.
I used 3 bolts to attach it to the roof rack.
This also has wiring if you want to light the lights on the top.
To make the flag, I sew the velcro on the flag so I can take it apart when I don\'t want to use the flag.
This will turn the battery on and off using the switch.
Can be installed under the hood or on the roof rack.
Wiring diagram with using relay.
If you have a cb radio, like the one used by semis, there needs to be an antenna so you can get the signal.
Some of these antennas can be long.
The antenna has a magnet that sticks to the top of your car.
I drilled a hole in the frame of my truck and extended the wire from the top of the truck to the inside so that it could be plugged into the cb radio.
I run the wire with a clip, so you don\'t see it very well.
There is also the shark antenna, the phone enhancement antenna with solar panels is very cool, it will keep your battery charged so you can use all the equipment and lights.
I have a separate battery on my truck bed and I have been charging with it all the time.
You can install and connect solar panels very easily.
I have an article on how to connect solar panels.
This is exactly the same concept, but you put it in the car.
There is no separate battery using the main car battery.
You can use your main car battery, but you have to do more research on this.
The rear rack or headache rack is used at the back of the rear window to protect yourself and the window from the material being transferred.
They have different styles so get your favorite styles.
Also make them for trucks of different sizes, so make sure it fits your truck the way you want it.
Depending on what you get, it will determine how you install it.
Most likely, you need to drill into the frame of the truck.
There may be a way to install it using a bracket or clip, but it is recommended to use bolts.
Some people add lights and antennas here.
It does hinder some of your vision, however, so keep this in mind.
Window stickers are available in various sizes and anything you want can be added to your truck.
You can get the brand or team, make sure to clean the window surface before adding decals.
Make sure they are centered when you add them.
Some of the decals you add from inside and some of the decals you add from outside.
If you have a pickup truck that you can make on your own, I would highly recommend you to buy a bed toolbox.
These are great for storing tools, bags, anything you want to keep safe and dry.
If you put expensive stuff in, you want to make sure there is a lock on it.
Most of the bed kits have places locked in the truck bed.
These come in several different colors and are suitable for pick-up of various types.
Make sure it fits your truck and it\'s great to have an external 12 Volt plug.
These can be installed in your truck, tailgate, bumper, any worn-out frame that works for you.
I installed my in the toolbox storage box on my truck bed.
This works perfectly when you can plug in the charger and place the phone on top of the toolbox.
Also, I attached it to the spare battery in the toolbox that I used to power it.
Also, from the spare battery, I use it to power the other 12 volt batteries I have.
If you have a tano comver which is a really cool track then you need to make sure you can connect both at the same time.
The rails look cool and put things on the bed.
These will need to be bolted to the frame that needs to be drilled. Measure twice.
They came with bolts and screws.
I painted them black. They were originally silver.
Measurement is the key when attacking and just doing it.
It\'s easy to install, not only these are lockable, so it looks cool to know that your gas has a siphon, they are also aftermarket.
Make sure you find the right one for your vehicle.
They have many different colors and styles.
LED bed lighting is a cool thing to add to the bed of the pickup truck.
The Led is powered by a cigarette outlet that has two wires, the red wire and the Black negative wire.
The LEDs are waterproof and stick to the frame of the bed.
At the end of the LED strip I welded the power cord and then connected them to the cigarette socket power adapter.
I have drilled a hole in the cab and I threw the wire into the power outlet.
Make sure the waterproofing is another item facing the pickup truck and can also be installed in the suv behind the seat.
I installed mine on the tailgate.
My truck and I had hooks at the end of the bed.
I clipped the net on both sides.
It comes with hooks, and it is elastic and stretched when you put things in it.
You can store shovels, groceries, tools and anything you don\'t want to slide on the truck\'s bed.
Also the tanesa tanneau cover is made for the pickup bed to cover the tailgate bed.
There are many different kinds and types of papers.
There is a hard cover or soft cover.
Some velcro came down and some railings with a hard cover to slide back and forth.
There are many different reasons why people have these.
Lock things in invisible places
I made my tannuea lid so it covers the bed of my truck so you can\'t see it.
Under the lid, I have a lockable storage area that is installed on my bed frame so that they are not taken away or opened.
Since I have a toolbox store on the bed, I put the Tanneau lid on the toolbox.
I used the ocean fabric, measured the rectangular area of the bed and sewed the ocean fabric, I added the button on it, then stuck it in the bed frame where I screwed the bottom button section
I was going to make a serperate insable when making this tanneua cover.
There was a hard and soft covering that drilled a hole in the frame of my truck and sent the wires to the bed area.
I don\'t mind drilling a hole in my truck and there are other ways to run the wires.
I connected the wire to my cb radio antenna, warning light, lighting on the bed.
There are rail lights.
Cover the edge so that the cable is not cut off at the edge and can be polished down.
This is another external attachment I use, which is the liner for your card lathe.
There are different ways to do this and you can get a linex spray liner that can get expensive.
The bed liner helps to slide things from the back and helps the bed from dents or scratches.
You can go to a garbage station and find a bed liner from a truck like yours.
My liner on the truck bed was a 1 inch thick rubber pad cut into a bed sitting on the floor and traveling around the wheel well.
This also increases the weight of the truck in winter to help get better tracton in snow or rain.
Here is a matStill that still focuses on the outside, and manly adds a Fender to the truck again.
I saw these in the car too.
The Fender makes your car look cool.
The Fender can also remove dirt mud and water from your car frame to make it last longer and keep it in a better shape.
For different vehicle and tire sizes, there will be different sizes of Fender at the time of purchase, and there will be instructions on the Fender package.
If you really see people making their own Fender out of black plastic, cut it into the shape of the fender.
The Fender is screwed on the wheel frame behind the tire.
Some people just add them to the rear tires or two.
You can also get the fender with the design.
Even the lights.
Many different style ring steps are very cool, they are different from step bars because they are made for steps of 1 feet.
The step lever runs through the length of the truck and just opens an iron ring.
I used to step on the iron ring of the card lathe.
You can put the iron rings wherever you want and this is where I decided to install them.
They are tied to the frame of the truck, so four holes must be drilled on each side.
Depending on your gear and truck, the installation may vary.
Make sure to measure twice before drilling, everything moves up to the exhaust. There are many things you can do with it.
After installing the market exhaust, you can add multiple pipes to make it sound a lot, or shoot out smoke or even flames.
My exhaust pipe is rusted so I just bought an exhaust pipe cover which is chrome colored and slides on the exhaust pipe and looks new and good.
It\'s just slippery and clipped to the exhaust pipe.
Make sure to measure the frame of your tail pipe track used to protect your card lathe.
They are almost like hats that cross the top edge of the card lathe.
So far I have railings on the tailgate, not the sides.
If you have a tano lid or a side rail, you may have to customize the rail cover that suits you.
Otherwise, you can install the tano cover on the bed rail cover.
My picture is black. it turns out to be silver.
Mine is also made of metal and screwed into the frame of the tailgate.
You can also add signs to your truck.
Stick to it with adhesive
These sticks are very nice and I don\'t have any flies on me.
Make sure you put them where you want them before you put them on.
There are a lot of options for these. This is a big personal preference.
Another cool and easy way to upgrade your truck is to get some tailgate lights.
They have different color frames and lights.
This has nothing to do with electrical, just screw off the old bracket and screw off the bulb.
Replace the new lamp holder.
If you want to make the most of your truck, you\'ll want to be able to drag things like trailers, boats, Camper, etc.
The trailer has balls of different sizes and you need to get the right balls that fit your trailer.
In addition, the height of the ball needs to be consistent with the height of the trailer hook.
They make this possible by making adapters.
I installed my tee in the place where my truck came.
In order not to rust, they also made ball sets.
How big a ball cover you need, which will prevent your ball cover from rust.
Different styles and colors also look cool.
If you lock the key in the car, it will be very convenient to hide a key.
They come in different sizes and have magnets on the bottom that stick to the metal on your vehicle.
There are many different places to hide this on your truck or car.
The frame is metal.
A lot of people know this, so make sure you hide it well so no one will find it.
I \'ve never fallen off this device, this is the one you connect to the white backlight on one side or the other.
When you reverse the car, your reversing lights are on.
When you reverse the car, it will make a light to make the device beep.
This will let people know that you are supporting.
My truck bed has something different depending on when in the year and what I was doing at the time.
Some good common things are that when you try to upgrade the inside of your car, add the weightOrange conecoolergas to spare battery and Mountain Golf Club store in order to make it better, it looks cooler and can do a lot of things.
First of all, start by cleaning the windows, doors, seating and carpets to make sure everything is clean and detailed.
Clean everything up.
For my truck I had a very small cab area and made some customization.
I really took the door panel off the door. .
I added duck tape to cover up the frame of the truck and give it a white color.
Each car needs a way to play music or audio.
Now, everyone is there to play the audio of the phone or ipod, so it is important to install the auxiliary port on the cd player.
Many cars are equipped with cd players with auxiliary ports, but you can install after-sales market cd players.
This cd player also has a usb port so you can plug in the thumb drive.
Now you can get very cheap cd player in the market, it took me a few days to install a phone and use it as my mp3 player holder so I can play my music,
Just plug the aux cable into the device.
I prefer to buy these things of high quality on your vehicle. Another cool thing is the gps device.
These are great if you get lost or travel somewhere you don\'t like.
An actual gps device is good because it can\'t get the map on the Internet.
To keep the roads up to date, you need to update the map every few years.
Make sure to install a stand and a charger for it.
You can find them on craigslist cheap or on ebay.
Gps can save you in the pinchA dash camera, which is a good security feature and can also be used as a reverse camera.
This is powered by cigarette exports.
It has an SD card slot that can be saved to where you transfer to your pc.
It\'s in a loop.
This is connected to your windshield.
Flip the screen up and down.
Saving your money in long runA cb radio is cool and you can communicate with other drivers on the way.
Many truck drivers use these.
There is an antenna on top of the truck to receive the signal.
Then you find the channel you want to use and talk back and forth.
Press and hold the button and reconnect as you speak so you can hear the reply.
There is also a speaker that plugs into the back under my hood so that I can use it as a giant phone to communicate with cyclists or people walking.
It\'s cool to have this speaker connected to a 12 V radar detector to know that you\'re being timed.
Papers in some states are illegal, so be sure to speak out.
They choose different frequencies that have many different price ranges.
This can also be inserted into the cigarette lighter and the suction cup is inserted into the windshield.
Some states, they may not be legal, have a lot of 12 volt cigarette plugs.
This adapter allows me to plug in six 12 V things.
Something you can plug into the slot has interimirror lighting, gps charger, power inverter, etcThis has a cigarette outlet plugged into your car cig port.
Then at the other end, it has a slot for the red power cord and the Black negative wire, and you can plug in the slot you are trying to power your device.
There are also switches for each individual port so you can control your device very easily.
This is the same thing as the one with the spotlight on the truck and can come in handy here and there.
It\'s great to find the address, look for animals, lighting under the hood or if you need to change the tires.
With a battery or a cigarette outlet.
I have a cigarette exit.
Also, I have a police car mounted on the body and it turns when I want us.
Here is an inverter that can be plugged into the cigarette port, allowing you to plug into a normal wall socket.
This may come in handy if you need to charge the phone or something.
They have many different sizes and strengths.
These are great, there are a lot of trucks around that don\'t have cener conceals or handrails, so it\'s nice to have your truck in your seat.
It is also a heater inside the cooler and armrest.
If you need more space in the cab, this can easily get in and out of your truck.
It\'s great to keep your lunch warm or cold in the summer.
Perfect for storage, as an arm restA dashboard cover, a cool feature to add to a truck or vehicle.
They have any color and different types of material.
These are the dashboards that are customized to suit you.
It also comes with velcro if you want to attach it to the dashboard.
My stay is in good condition with velcro.
There is a slot in your vent.
I really like it to make my life look like in a cold weather condition and having a seat heater is a great feature.
Some new cars will be installed if you don\'t want to go this way, and you can buy a 12 volt seat heater.
They put the cigarette butts in your car.
This is elastic and can be placed in your seat.
It\'s black, same as my Landcover, so you can hardly see it.
My car is really good. An easy way is to add a seat cover to it to make the old car look better.
Not only does it make the truck look better, it also makes it more comfortable to sit on it.
There are many colors and types of seat covers.
Find the right seat cover for your vehicle.
You can get any color you want, and the other simple thing is the steering wheel cover.
This fits almost all vectors.
It may be a bit difficult to wear it, but you want it to be tight.
These are made of different materials.
There are other steering wheel knobs that you can hold and turn the steering wheel.
The steering wheel also keeps warm in winter. There is no cup holder in my truck.
So I added a middle council thing that has an adjustable cup rack slot when the wheel has a storage room.
There is also room for your change.
There are two brackets for this, I screw one of the plastic cup holders next to it and add another cup holder.
These are great for trucks, and if your vehicle doesn\'t come with these, you can stick them on your dashboard or put them in some places.
It\'s good to have a clock in a place where it\'s easy to see the time.
It\'s also good to have the temperature and compass to help you and add features.
These are also digital.
This is a digital camera that is used to block the sun if the sun is bright and you don\'t have sunglasses.
You can reduce light and glare by simply pulling it down and using colored film.
When the light is on, there is also a function at night.
This is directly attached to your overhead sun visor.
They can be found online or car shops can be purchased online.
It\'s a very cheap way to store your sunglasses.
Clip this clip on the sunshades of your car
This clip opens and then has a position for sunglasses.
I use this pair of sunglasses as spare sunglasses and I always leave it in the car if I forget my regular sunglasses.
Using your sun visor space is a lot of different things they have to do in order to store a wide variety of things on your sun visor.
These things just slide on your sun visor.
If you don\'t have a car
They don\'t have a mirror on them. it\'s a good thing.
Many old ones have CDs with a pocket on them to store things.
I have gum pens, knives, etc. . .
This is a headlight flashlight.
For the organization, I take the door panel off my door so I can add my own stuff and you can take those ideas to where you like them.
I need to add a handle to close the door since I took the panel.
I then opened and closed the window with the vise handle instead of taking a window knob.
Also, I added a mag light flash to the door for easy lighting and safety.
The other thing I installed was a seat belt cutter and a window breaker just in case.
Fire extinguishers are very self-explanatory and these are great in case of emergency.
I got my stuff from an old ship with an installation on board.
Find a good place to install it and it is easy to catch if you need it.
Read how to operate before monting.
Also, if you see that I have a snap bracelet for bright colrors, you can put it on if needed.
If you don\'t have one at all, buy one. This storage rack is used to make a gun rack.
You can use it for this if your status allows.
15 dollars is cheap.
It\'s convenient to install and looks good.
The car is adjustable for most trucks.
Make sure you don\'t put it behind your head, because if you swing your head back, you won\'t put it behind;
I don\'t want to hit it.
I put all the fishing rods, pool and golf clubs here.
You can also hang things on top of them and hang them on the seat of pasanger.
They fit most truck windows because it would come in handy to know where to hide in your car.
Every car you can find is always spotted.
It\'s good when you park your car in a bad place and if someone breaks into your car they won\'t consider checking your hiding place.
It\'s also good if you need extra cash, don\'t worry about leaving it in the car.
In addition, you can also hide a key using a key with a magnet on it.
This one is normal and I think I\'ll put it here because you want your car to smell good.
Some air fresheners may smell.
There are many different ways and means to hang them.
You can hide them or put them on the vents.
Let them put a lot of different things behind bulkPeople\'s seats there.
I have speakers behind me, tools, long boards, lots of different things.
I suggest putting back what you want to keep dry.
Make sure it\'s packed so it doesn\'t move back and forth in our seats.
I customized my rear storage seat with wood trim.
He\'s a great jumper bag, the truck is small and there\'s a lot of room under the hood to handle things.
This is a 91 s10 4. 3 liter v6.
The main thing to note under the hood is that it\'s clear that once you \'ve modified your vehicle, you\'ll want to make sure it stays in good shape.
I suggest you find a cover.
It can stop the dust, rain and keep in good condition.
There are many different qualities in the paper, so a deep understanding of where you plan to use it can determine the quality you want to get.
These covers also help to darken the paint from the sun to work.
They also made covers for your tires.
Make sure your tires are in the right size.
Also make sure your truck or car has a cover of the right size.
They did make them the face of the truck.
Share photos of what you do with your truck.
He\'s a list of things I use to add trucks.
In order to use your truck traction and make sure you have the correct vehicle information to push back the rack door, you need to make sure that the height of the ball on the suspension line is consistent with the height of the trailer.
Depending on your vehicle and trailer, you may need to add a drop of water or you may need to use a raisin.
The correct height is very important.
Keep in mind that for different trailers you may need different down lengths.
Most drops are inches.
The trailer brake controller module is used to pull heavy objects.
Most trailers don\'t have the brakes on the connection, so when you stop, you\'re just braking the car, not the trailer.
The brake controller module can also allow you to increase the brakes on the trailer.
The module is the controller, so you can adjust the strength of the brake according to the weight of the traction.
This does require the unit to be installed and the unit to be connected.
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